Wearing White After Labour Day In Australia

Here in North America, there’s an old rule that says you shouldn’t wear white after Labour Day (first Monday in September).

I see that Labour Day in Australia is celebrated on different days, according to the State. So let’s say in Victoria, Labour Day this year is tomorrow (Monday, March 8th). Does the same fashion rule apply?

I’ll be visiting at the end of March for three weeks. Because of the difference in temperature, as well as the Passover holiday, I’m examining my wardrobe with a careful eye. A lot of my clothing for these warmer temperatures is white. I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to wear white after Labour Day in Australia.

Does the same rule of thumb apply?

Not that anyone seems to pay attention to this rule anymore, but Labor Day (in the States) is used as a convenient marker for the last social event of the summer. After that, it’s autumn according to the social calendar, so the white clothes appropriate for summer weather are out.

So, since you’re going to be visiting for the summer, white dress clothes are perfectly fine. On the other hand, it would probably be fine anyway since I see people disregarding the “rule” more and more as fewer and fewer people recognize the notion of a social elite with all its arcane traditions.

You won’t have to worry about fashion conventions here in Aus. I have never heard of any proscriptions like you describe, except maybe for wearing green on St. Pat’s day. :slight_smile:

Sheesh, hardly anybody even KNOWS that this is the Labour Day holiday…it’s just another excuse for a long weekend 'round these parts. :smiley:

(Just note that by the end of March the evenings are starting to get quite nippy, with mostly clear but cooler weather during the day, especially in the southern states. It might be best to include some warmer clothing as well as your summer whites.)