Weather effect of volcano?

Both Montreal and Seattle (where I live and where my son lives) have had very cool late spring/early summer. I am wondering if there is any evidence that this is due to that Icelandic volcano.

Volcanic eruptions in the past have been known to disrupt weather patterns worldwide. The Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines in 1991 has worldwide repercussions. Every volcanic eruption will cause some sort of weather change, even if just locally. The weather change becomes more expansive based on the size and length of an eruption (or eruption sequence), the material ejected, and the how high into the atmosphere the material is ejected.

Did find this on Wikipedia:

For what it’s worth, the NW was expecting a cooler summer anyway, as a result of El Nino.

Ah, I wondered about that. The range in Montreal today is 54-66 F (12-19 C).