Weather for the trip: Baltimore to Cumberland

I am contemplating driving from Baltimore to Cumberland today. There is supposed to be mild to moderate snow the whole way. I think that this may be incorrect. What is the easiest way to check the weather on the roads I will be traveling (in real time) to see if a trip is worthwhile.

Try the animated radar map from Wunderground. Not exactly real time, but you do get a sense of where the storm clouds have been heading most recently.

My sister travels over that road to get to my house and she came up yesterday instead of today to avoid the possible bad weather. In my experience though the worst of the snow is usually west of Cumberland and closer to Morgantown. You could search for some live webcams in Fredrick and Hagarstown as well as Cumberland. That would give you an idea of actual conditions along the way. You’ll probably hit the worst snow around Sideling Hill. I was able to find webcams for all of these areas online (including Sideling Hill) but I don’t know if they are truly live and updating or not.

I’m not sure how much I trust weatherbug, since I’ve heard reports of malware/spyware related to them (though admittedly that was a long time ago, they may have cleaned up their act by now). Looking at their site on my linux box though their map does show a bit of light snow in a couple of spots along your path.

The NOAA web site has an advisory all along your path for today.

Agreed. I traveled that road last weekend. From Morgantown to Cumberland was a complete whiteout. Snow and wind everywhere and 30mph max speed. Thought about saying to hell with it and getting a hotel.

Past Cumberland? Nothing. No snow on the ground anywhere. Could have been a fall day. I think there is 2 to 4 inches of snow in Garrett County, MD on every Fourth of July. :slight_smile: