Weather forecasting with a bum ankle

I broke my ankle last winter, and although it’s healed pretty well, the ankle still gets sore if I overuse it – and it also hurts on days when it’s going to rain. I’m not going to quit my day job and become a forecaster with this thing, but it’s maybe 90% reliable.

Why does my ankle hurt when it’s going to rain? Is it about atmospheric pressure? It can’t be humidity, because it doesn’t hurt particularly on muggy days when it doesn’t rain.


I believe it’s the pressure change.

I broke both my tibia and fibula right above the ankle and still have bolts, plates and screws to hold everything together. I get a tell-tale ache when there is a quick change in barometric pressure – the type of pressure front that usually brings rain.

I also get the same ache when I fly, so this is the evidence that I’ve used to come to my conclusion.

If it’s the pressure – what’s the pressure doing? What’s getting pressed? Why does an ankle with a healed fracture react differently to changing air pressure than a never-broken ankle does?

So – no one knows? Qadgop? anyone?

I’d be interested, to. I had a skiing accident last winter, which although it didn’t break my leg left a lot of swelling and stopped my right knee from flexing properly for many weeks. It now no longer hurts except when rain is on the way. Just this morning I woke up with a dull ache in my knee and knew it would rain. Sure enough, while I was driving to the station, the heavens opened. So it appears that a broken bone is not essential for this - just some sort of healed injury!

What’s going on, medical folk?

It’s definitely a reaction to the barometric pressure changes. I can tell when it’s going to rain or snow because I get a headache. I think I have a Doppler thingy in my head.
I get migraines, and I get a very specific type of headache when the pressure is changing in reaction to a front moving in. It’s kind of like a sinus headache, behind my eyes and across my forehead. Once the storm hits, it goes away.