Web Cartoonist really sticks it to Jack Chick!

I ran across this little gem in the “rants” section of PvPonline.com and thought I’d share it with all the Jack Chick-bashers on this site.


The artist now regrets being so nasty and says he shouldn’t have lowered himself to Chick’s level. I’m sure glad he did, though. :smiley:

Me too. That’s hilarious!
*“I can’t get Brent out of my mind. He killed himself because of us!”

“Forget him! All that’s important is your personal relationship with Christ.”*
Haw! Haw!

We may as well mention other Chick parodies as well, such as

The Trucker and the Mind-Fucker

And of course Fenris’ masterful works which can be found… well, here and here, among other places, but I swear some of our artists teamed up to make a strip out of some of 'em.

Fair warning- this strip is VERY sexually explicit at times and is basically a parody of Japanese tentacle porn.


A quote from the cartoon cited:

“Remember, the most important thing Christ preached was tolerance!”

Well -

I’m sorry, but to shove Jesus into a category that says “God agrees with me” is as wrong as Jack Chick is. It isn’t that simple.



(above quotes)

Further proof of why I can’t stand the Bible or many of the things it says.

However, doesn’t it also say that it is GOD’s place to judge, not PEOPLE’s? And therefore woujldn’t that mean that people should be tolerant? Or do you actually think that God wants his followers to be judgemental little pricks?

Actually, We’re specifically told not to judge…

“Judge not, lest ye be judged…”

Sound familiar? Of course, being fallible, we fail at this all the time, but it’s still good advice. And it comes from God, too!

Decent. Needs more “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and “HAW HAW” though. And where was the dramatic close-up?

And the 70’s porn star??