Web interface to index and search Networked file server?

As I try to keep track of files residing in various folders on my work network, I periodically will fetch the filenames and tree structure of the server and maintain an index in an Access database. When I want to search for a file I have much more detailed query options and the search is much faster than Windows Explorer search.
As I understand it, if Vista ever comes out it will have a much improved search function, including networked machines. But I don’t want to wait for Vista, and I’m sure that IT would never let us take advantage of Google Desktop’s extended options or any internet solutions.

I had the idea to make a more user friendly way of searching the indexed database through a web interface, so that it would look more like a search engine instead of a big scary Access form, and my co-workers might be more inclined to take advantage of it. I also thought this might be a good project for me to use & learn some new tools. I have done a bit of HTML, Access, and vb stuff, but I have no experience with any sort of back end web database stuff. I’m hoping that a lot of this will be simplified since I am keeping it within our intranet only.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for creating something like this?


Have you tried anything like this http://fileup.softartisans.com/ or this http://www.dtsearch.com/ ? Not sure if they do exactly what you want to do, and you may have to pay someone to help you set it up (or do it yourself) but one of those might be the ticket for you.