Web Radio/iPod questions

I’ve been trying, without much luck, to find a good classical or classic rock station to listen to via webcast. So I’d appreciate any recommendations, particularly for sites that publish their playlists in advance.

On the other hand, I’m considering finally getting an iPod instead, but have a few questions. First, can the software be configured so that certain tracks only play in sequence? (If I’m using random shuffle mode, that won’t work well for a symphonic piece with each movement in a separate track.) And how are the standard headphones?

When ripping a CD, there’s an option to “join tracks” so they’ll end up as one big MP3 file. Aside from that, though, there’s currently no option to do what you’re requesting.

Some people like 'em, some people think they’re too big and hurt the ears. YMMV.

You can set the iPod to shuffle either by song or by album. In the latter case, the iPod will pick an album at random, play all of its tracks in the proper sequence, then pick a new album at random, etc. As long as you organized your classical tracks so that each piece was its own “album” (very easy to do when ripping from the original CD) you’d have no problem listening in this way.

Cool. Thank you. I may buy the iPod over the weekend.

I’m no expert on the web radio scene, but I know that www.live365.com has a whole bunch of stations, so you might try clicking around there a little.

I subscribe to launch.com for web radio, but I can’t really say how it compares to other services. I really only listen to one station (alternative rock).