Web Site/HTML Help needed

When in doubt…ask the SD for help right?

Okay… I need to know a couple of things. I’ve never used frames before and decided to attempt it.

First, how can I get a link to open in another browser?

My main page is set up with a header, footer, main page section and contents (which includes buttons to link to in the main page). In the contents section I have one called Back to Web. Which is a link back to the main page. When you go somewhere else, and hit the Back to Web button, it shows the whole page with frames within the frames. I don’t know if I’m describing this right, so if you want to look for yourself, this is the site.

Be kind, I haven’t used frames before, and apparently I suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want the Rafting Page and the family pic page (which I haven’t done yet) to open in seperate browsers.

On the main part of the main page I want to have a guestbook and have any news there.

Help please!

I’d start by reading this: http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/linking/linking.html

They do a very nice job teaching html step-by-step. very commonsense and down-to-earth.

As a separate matter it appears you’re a bit confused. You probably either want frames or you want spearate browser windows; you probably don’t want to mix the two. Or else maybe you’re using the terms incorrectly. The whole point of frames is to have multiple display areas tied together in one browser. Using frames and multiple browser windows in one site usually results in a navigational mess.

Thanks for the link LSLGuy.

I’m not confused. I just haven’t decided which format I want to use and would like to do both and decide which I like best. Once I make both, and have them work properly without tearing my hair out, I will use the one that works the best.

Thanks for the input.

No, it’s Frames that suck, not you.

Good html programmers & designers stopped using them circa 1999.

Avoid frames altogether and you will be much better off. And so will the people how use the web screens you create!

I’m mind of confused of what you’re trying to do. But let me try to guide you…

If you want a page to open in a new window, say

<a href=link.html target=_blank>LINK NAME</a>

You are pointing to the wrong pages in your nav, tho. If you want the “back to the web” link to show “mainpage.htm” in the main frame, link that button to “mainpage.htm”, not “index.htm”. Linking to “index.htm” is opening a new frameset within the existing frameset.

For your photos pages, may I suggest instead of opening in a new browser window (makes for crummy navigation), make your link say:

<a href=rafting/index.htm target=_top>White Water Trip</a>

This will “bust out” of your original frameset and show your white water frameset, with the links in the far left. This will make the photos then show up to the right of the list while preserving the list.

Right now you have a frameset within a frameset with both having a frame named “main” so that’s why your photos are opening in the main area and not preserving your frameset with the list on the left.

At the end of your list of photos, make a link to the main (opening) frameset by saying:

<a href=…/index.htm target=_top>Back to Web</a>

This will “bust out” of the rafting frameset and then put you back at your opening frameset.

Sound good?
Sound good?

Agreed t-bonham@scc.net
It’s a good idea to avoid frames entirely.
How many websites have you seen in which you couldn’t see all the listings in a menu because of frames?
Designing a website is difficult enough even if everyone used MSIE as a browser. People have different monitor settings, monitor sizes, resolution settings, etc. You do not need frames to add another problem to your website design.