web sites

One of my favorite web sites got shut down because they didn’t have enough money. But why do websites need money to keep open? The domain name shouldn’t cost too much if any at all.

Many ISPs have additional costs if you run over a certain amount of bandwidth per month. In other words, if you’re Joe Schmoe and nobody knows who you are and you get like two hits per day, you don’t use up much bandwidth.

But if you develop the world’s premiere website on fungal infections in dogs (or whatever), and suddenly you’re getting 2500 hits a day, you’re taking up significantly more bandwidth and your ISP will generally charge you more money for that. Storage space also costs extra. I know that some message board sites I go to run into this problem – the more people that post, the more posts there are to store, and the more storage space they need, which costs money.

Running a website isn’t necessarily an expensive proposition, but running even a moderately popular website definitely is.

They need to pay for hosting space. They need to pay for a network uplink.

They may also need to pay people to build and maintain the site, if they’re not doing it themselves.

If it’s a big web site, they need to pay for all their staff, and so on.

If they have their own server (computer network), then that is an expensive upkeep (computer equipment, maintenance, electricity to run the computers & cooling units (AC), etc.).

If it’s just a website kept on an ISP (internet service provider), then there is the cost of the account (like an AOL account or whatever).

If there are any employees that upkeep the site, then they usually expect payment.

Basically, there is “capital cost” (one-time set-up such as buying the domain name) and “operation & maintenance cost” (which is the maintenance, annual fees, utilities, etc.). People often forget how quickly O&M can drain a budget.