Web Software that lets someone send a pre-formatted email?

Hi, I’m wondering if there are any open source (preferably) tools that would let someone paste in a bunch of email addresses, and there would be pre-formatted email text (that the user could change), along with a footer that was not changeable.

I’m not looking for recommendations of email clients like roundcube or gmail, I’m looking for a web-based piece of software. Here’s some additional background if it’s helpful…

I run a service that let’s people invite others to participate in creating an audio greeting card. Family and friends call into a toll-free number, and the recordings are compiled onto a keepsake CD. Right now, after the coordinator signs up for an account, I send them a personalized email, with the call-in instructions, and ask them to forward the email to everyone that will be calling in.

What I’d rather do is point them to a web-based tool, that already has a pre-formatted email that they can customize, with a standard footer. They would paste all the addresses in, and send their emails from that tool. I know a tool like that could be developed from scratch, but it seems like something like that might already exist.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Hmm. There should definitely be something out there. I’ll take a look. What language do you prefer (or what does your webhost allow)? PHP or something else?

Hi - thanks for the response. I pay for a dedicated Linux server. PHP or anything else running on Linux would do the trick.

Hi - any thoughts on this, on whether there is anything out there? Thanks.

It actually sounds like something that would be MORE hassle to find and customize rather than to build from scratch.

All you’d need to do is have text boxes for X possible addresses, a text box for the body and a “send” button.

You then feed all the addresses into your mailing script (whether it be one array or single additions to a property as a loop), insert the custom body message into your pre-formatted outer shell and set that as the body, set the user’s email address as the FROM address and send.

Is there more to it that you need? If you wanted them to be able to add HTML to the email body, just supply a WYSIWYG editor to the “body” text box. You’d also probably want a Javascript validator to check for valid email address formats.

aaelghat, I’m sorry, I looked around a little bit and what you want is actually more nuanced than the simple mailing list programs I originally envisioned.

What’s difficult is that you want users to be able to customize some of the text while attaching your standard footer, meaning you can’t just use any ol’ pre-made script designed for a single administrator. I know a lot of eCard sites have similar things, but I wasn’t able to find a premade script that filled your need. Sorry :frowning:

Wow - well, I appreciate you looking into it, and taking the time to do some research. Thanks again!