Website Download Link Question

I have been trying to Google search for the solution, but i think i may be phrasing the question the wrong way.

This is what i need:

I need an option for a customer to download a video from my clients website. But the video must be paid for before a download link appears.

Hope i’m clear enough. Basically like how any downloadable content functions…software, music, videos, etc.

I am just looking to be steered in the right direction, i don’t expect a step by step guide from any of you fine Dopers.

What is your customer’s web site running?

Many e-commerce applications have an option for selling downloadable content. There are WordPress plugins that do it, and probably plugins for other CMS platforms also.

They are using the format, i have no idea what it is as i am not a web designer.

The ‘web store’ app for only really works with physical items.