Website For Bad Boys

A few years ago, a friend of mine was having problems with her 10 year old son and didn’t know what to do. Jokingly, I suggested a military camp and she laughed and said, “I should get some brochure or something and scare him…”
That night, I went home and quickly created Sgt. Jack’s Training School For Boys. What the design and quality lack, is a website perfect for Sgt. Jack.

She called me the next day and was laughing so hard I could barely understand her - not only did she find it funny, but it really did scare the bejesus out of her son and at least for a short time, the threat to send off for an application to Sgt. Jack’s kept her son in tow.

I had totally forgotten I created this until another co-worker started talking about his 10 year old. I sent him the link.

Feel free to leave this site up and running, should you have any boys who snoop around your computer and might need to see what options there are for boys who are out of control.

That’s hilarious, DMark!

Any particular reason that email is spelled “emale” throughout the site?

Sgt. Jack didn’t have a whole lot ‘a book learnin’ growin’ up. He’s still unsure of this whole innernet thing too…

Hah! Nice. I love that the time out room is considerably nicer than the regular dorm room.


Well done.

eMALE sounds a lot manlier too. Hilarious website.

I love how the “time out” room is plush compared to the other rooms.

Just change the text around a little and you could turn that into an adult-themed BDSM resort.

My 11 year-old walked by as I was looking at it, and now is in his room crying. I didn’t even have to say anything. Ha! (He knows he’s been a bad boy.)