Websites to review Tattoo Art? (related to the Guitar Building threads)

This thread is the second one related to a guitar building project I am starting. The re-ordered neck should arrive in a week or two and from there I will be focused on actually piecing it together. And I already know I want the body of the guitar to be Gibson cherry - like Angus’ SG, with a Rosewood fingerboard.

But I think I want something on the headstock, you know, where it normally says “Fender” or “Gibson” or whatever - if nothing is there it looks unfinished, IMHO. On my last project guitar I just got a Fender logo and stuck it on there - it fills the space and looks, well, like it is supposed to (no worries; no one would ever think it was truly a Fender - the parts are all labeled otherwise). Here’s a pic (link to pic of headstock - not my actual guitar, but you can see the size of the real estate I am looking to fill…)

Anyway, I would prefer to go with something different vs. a Fender logo. Right now, I am not thinking about anything cute - nothing like changing “Telecaster” to “WordMan-O-Caster” or anything like that. :wink:

I am thinking it would cool to find a tattoo drawing - something simple and stylized that presents a cool image that would look good small on a headstock. It would need to fit into a long, thin footprint - maybe 3" by 1/2" - 3/4" of an inch? I have to measure, but you get the idea.

I am thinking it could be an lightning bolt, an outstretched running cheetah, a woman laying out horizontal (but only if it is stylized and cool like an Alphonse Mucha drawing, not trashy like a Dolly Parton outline and while I like pinup-type retro decals, they wouldn’t pass muster with the family…).

I think of tattoo drawings as having to be simple if they are to work as tattoos - I know there are super-ornate exceptions to that, but hopefully you catch my drift.

Are there websites you would recommend that might have the types of drawing I could look at to get ideas?

Any suggestions would be great! (being the Vanilla Boy™ that I am, I have no ink myself and no clue where to go to get ideas…)