Wedding gift for my friend w/ everything

A guy who I have been friends with since 1st grade is getting married this weekend. He and his intended are both in the mid 30’s and this is their first marriage. He works in the entertainment industry and she is an attorney working for her family’s business. They own a home about 2 blocks from Loyola Marymount U. in west Los Angeles. My friend buys everthing he wants and can afford it. They didn’t register anywhere. What should we get them?

Can you make something with some personal meaning to it? I sew lap quilts for my good friends who get married. Perhaps you have some hobby that you could use that way? Or some old photos of you two together throughout the years that you could put into a frame or book with suitable inscriptions? Something like that?

Regardless of how much dough and other things they have- people always have to eat. A nice, memorable card with a gift certificate to a good restaurant you know they would enjoy, would be plenty appreciated.

My standard gift in situations like these is a big bottle of nice booze–preferably your friend’s favorite if you happen to know what it is.

Or, one of my best wedding gifts was a “honeymoon kit”, with some champagne, glasses, massage oil, munchies, an instant camera, etc. We didn’t have to leave the hotel room all weekend.

My boss is a multi-millionaire, and even he doesn’t have everything. Over the years I’ve given him several gifts he’s enjoyed tremendously, which could make nice wedding gifts for your friend, depending on their tastes and your budget.

Have a star named after them!

Sign them up for a wine-of-the-month club. All the wines from this one come from small, family-owned California wineries. My boss enjoyed them very much, one of them enough to re-order an entire case of it!

The Connoisseur makes personalized gift boxes with either wine or champagne with personalized labels, plus a wide variety of accompaniments. I’ve given these as gifts about a half dozen times and they are always well-loved. There are way more options than just what’s shown on their website, and they’re local in Redondo Beach, so you could go pick out the items yourself. They also have a monthly wine club.

We had a no-gifts policy at our wedding and instead asked folks who were inclined to donate to particular charities in our name. We provided the charities for them, but you could ask around and see if there is one they like.

If not, definitely gift certificates to their favorite restaurants are cool. Someone I know got a flower of the month–a different bouquet was sent to them once a month for a year. It arrived on the day of the month that they got married. I think that’s pretty cool.

I like to give spices for wedding gifts - everyone needs them and they do go bad, so even if they have some already, fresh is better.

Here’s my favorite source, and they do wedding gift boxes: Penzeys

Hey, Cowgirl Jules stole my idea! I always give Penzey’s gift boxes when I don’t have a great idea for a wedding gift. They come in a full range of prices, and everyone I’ve gotten them for loves them. The “wedding” boxes all have some traditional wedding spices from different cultures with a little note explaining their significance (a whole nutmeg, rosemary, and whole anise stars), as well as the spice jars.

something they will need after their wedding is a couple of nice photo albums.

There are also things like sheets that they could always use another set.

You could find out where they are honey mooning and then arrange some champane for their hotel room.

We were in a similar situation with very good friends of ours. And they lived together for a couple of years and her dad was exceptionally wealthy. So, in reality, they told us they didn’t want anything, didn’t register for anything, but people gave them stuff just the same.
I took candid pictures in black & white at their wedding, developed them and put them in a nice little album. Gave them all the negatives, too. I caught people acting natural and relaxing in the pics and no one had their cheesy wedding smile on.

The loved it ( unless they were sucking up to me, but since one of the pictures hangs on their wall, I think I scored a direct hit.)

This is now my standard gift and it is less than $20

I totally adore this idea!! I know i would personally love this gift.

One of our best gifts was a pair of Nerf guns - because in every marriage there WILL be a fight or two.

Supersoakers would work as well.

Maybe you could get something for them that could be used on their first anniversary. Reservations at a nice restaurant, I dunno. Something that could mark the milestones of their new life together.

If they are wine drinkers:

Go to a specialty wine store and ask an informed worker what bottle of wine would be good now, what bottle would be good aged a year, what bottle would be good aged 5 years, and what bottle would be good aged 10 years. Write small messages to tie around the neck of each bottle saying something about “This one’s for the honeymoon, this one will be aged perfectly for your 1st anniversary, this one will be ready in time for your 5 year anniversary, etc.” Get creative with it.
Put them in a nice wooden box.

I bet he doesn’t have a urinal. God I always wanted one for my house.