Wedding Songs

My sister is getting married a week from today, and she just sent me an email asking me what to tell the DJ to play. (She already has slow music and music for dinner/cake cutting/garter, etc.)She just needs good dance music. I really like progressive house music, but obviously this would be inappropriate. She sent me a list of some of the songs she thought would be OK. Some of her suggestions, with my thoughts next to them:

Pump up the Jam Hit the mute button
C’mon & Ride IT (the Train) I’d rather not
Rhythm is a DancerThis songs makes everyone lose their rhythm
100% Pure Love 100% Pure Crap
I Like to Move It I’d like to Change It, Change It
Finally That’s what I’ll yell when the song is over

Most of these songs are dance hits from aroun '94-96.

Trying to play to a mixed crowd of various ages is hard, and I had a few suggestions, but I was wondering if you can help me out.

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Well, there’s the Bob Dylan/The Band wedding song, called “Wedding Song.” That seems appropriate.


How about Franz Lehar’s lovely and melodic “Merry Widow Waltz?”

How out of it am I? The only one of those I recognise is “Rhythm is a Dancer”.

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Oh, Flora. NO ONE hears that any more without thinking about Uncle Charlie in SHADOW OF A DOUBT. if I heard the “Merry Widow” at a wedding, I’d start looking around for Theresa Wright to strangle.

Opal: You think YOU’RE out of it? Look at the two posts preceding yours.


If your goal is to get everyone to dance think the following:

70’s Disco
80’s - 90’s Dance Music

Take requests and don’t forget the old folks, they love to Polka.

I’m planning my wedding, too, and I’d like to thank Stevie for the list of songs to remind the dj NOT to play. Also on that list is:
Electric Slide
Old Time Rock N Roll
“Grease” medley
Oh What A Night
Stayin’ Alive
I Will Survive

I think I’m going to stick with Big Band songs (but not the overplayed Entertainer or Brian Setzer stuff) - very danceable, and not so “clubby.”

Oh, and Lyle Lovett’s “She’s No Lady (She’s My Wife)” will definitely be played.

Sucks to your assmar.

If there are multiple generations attending the wedding, I would have to suggest a band called The Mavericks.

Most of what they play is romantic, and it is most like what adult stations instead of R&R in the 60s (they were featured on the film Apollo 13).

Great (slow) dance music.

Sue from El Paso

Some friends of mine got married right after college. Big Catholic wedding with huge Catholic reception, complete with a DJ playing his “Greatest Catholic Wedding Hits” box set, complete with Hokey Pokey and Electric Slide.

The bride and groom were able to stand it for about two hours before going out to the car and getting the KMFDM.

Cleared out the old folks pretty quick.

Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t you play “Shout” and everyone can raise their hands high in the air when they sing “Shout.”

Or how about the hokey-pokey? That’s always good to get everyone dancing!

<font size=5>Lisa, <font size=1> still wondering why everyone left her reception early. We hadn’t even gotten to the chicken dance…

You forgot that annoying “Roll Out the Barrel” polka song that everyone seems to play at wedding receptions.

At the (dry!) wedding reception I attended early in the summer, they played that, the Electric Slide, the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, AND the Boot-Scootin’ Boogie. I’m amazed I made it through without having a drop to drink.

Oh, and as for “I Will Survive,” the only way that song gets played anywhere near me is if it’s the Cake version.

For good party music that people of all ages will probably enjoy, pick up one of those funk compilations, like Pure Funk. I’d imagine hearing “Love Rollercoaster” and the theme from Shaft would get any place rockin’.

Oh, don’t forget James Brown’s classic, “I Feel Good.” I personally loathe that song. But it makes people dance. That one & “Mustang Sally.” Gaaaaaaaack.

For some reason, Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life” gets every drunk relative on the floor doing weird and embarassing twist motions. Seen it last friday, at my friends wedding, and on 20,000 other weddings for that matter…
“Paradise by the dashboard light” will get at least 2, maybe 3 generations off their chairs.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

If I ever get married again and have a reception (two big ifs, it looks like) I would have the dj, play “Tenderness” by General Public…Love that song. They played it during the wedding scene in the movie “Clueless”.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My sister did have a No-No list that she gave the DJ that included:

The Hokey Pokey
Electric Slide
Grease Megamix
I Will Survive

Thank God I won’t have to listen to that crap. I’m also grateful I won’t have to see my relatives embarrass themselves doing the YMCA dance

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Yep, I’ve seen this happen.

And it does so despite the fact that no one quite knows what to do during all those pauses in the middle, so you wind up with everyone just kind of standing around and looking at each other. Also, the tempo jumps around a lot.

PBtDL is probably the least danceable song I know that people will actually TRY to dance to.

Try “Bohemian Rhapsody”… :wink:

Although that’s clearly not a wedding song: “Momma, just killed a man…”

On second thoughts…


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I walked by a display playing Disco Duck last week. Put that on the Do Not Play list.

Someone I work with had this experience. They had a Western themed wedding and asked the DJ if he would be able to play country songs for the reception all night. His response" Sure, no problem." That night at the reception he had one country music mix CD, and he played Big Band music all night.

Personaly within 10 seconds of country music being played, I have to be out of that room.

Not to be a pain in the ass (I know, I know, too late) but I always thought it was, “Mama, [bold] I [/bold] just killed a man.”

Gawd, I hate these HTML codes!