Wednesday's Child is full of Woe. But I'm looking forward to new Wednesday series. Addams Family spinoff [Open Spoilers as of 2022-12-07]

I think it’s out of character for Wednesday to date anybody.

Can’t wait!

I enjoyed the show quite a bit overall, although I think it was probably a few episodes longer than it needed to be. The last episode, in particular, really dropped off, with the low point being the moment when incredibly resourceful and tough and unsentimental and kung-fu-fighting Wednesday gets clonked over the head by a shovel wielded by a monologuing normie.

And there’s also an extent to which the whole show felt a bit like it was cheating. Like, the whole tone and demeanor was all death-and-torture-and-crime-and-darkness, with lots of references to Wednesday (and her family) being all dark and death-obsessed… but what we actually saw her do on screen (particularly once she arrived at Nevermore) was just be goth-y. It’s like, they want her to be the kind of character who would genuinely do murderous and psychotic things… but not actually do them, because then she wouldn’t be sympathetic. A weird comparison, maybe, but kind of like Gru in Despicable Me, who is a “supervillain” who never actually does anything that would make us lose sympathy for him.

But, overall, very fun show, particularly great lead performance, and I’m eager for season 2.

The vibe I’ve always gotten from Wednesday Addams, and which I believe best suits her character, is macabre and antisocial with a fixation on death—though not herself murderous.

However, with hormones raging in her now adolescent brain and body, she appears to have emergent feelings of desire to connect with someone(s) other than herself and even budding feelings of low-grade romantic love. These are feelings that she’s not comfortable with, does not welcome, and tries to suppress—unsuccessfully. She has inner turmoil that she is not used to and is perplexed by. This is portrayed subtly and quite well by the actress, and fine direction.

Great news that a 2nd season has been green-lit. Hopefully we’ll see more of Wednesday’s inner turmoil explored.

That’s what happens when you take the rest of the family away. She has always done those things to Pugsley, who basically just shrugged them off. It also comes of better when its a little girl doing it and not a teenager played by a 20 year old.

I’m going post this here, as well. The original Wednesday, Lisa Loring, has died.

Damn, so young.

That’s sad. I’m sure she got a brief boost of notoriety from the show. At least, I certainly googled “whatever happened to…”.

Married at 15. Mother soon after. Years in the porn industry (behind the camera). Not sure if it has anything to do with being a child actor, but like many others in that position, her path was a rough one.

Awww. I was hoping they could work a cameo in for her in season 2, then another for Nichole Fugere, then we’d have all of the live-action Wednesdays seen.

Speaking of Beetlejuice:

If this goes through, she’ll be playing Lydia’s daughter.

Next up, a project with Cher?


That would do it.

Yes, Beetle…(clamps hand over mouth).

Close call.

Good thing you didn’t say Candyman.


Indeed, Candyman.

Doesn’t it take like 5 or 7 recitations to summon Candyman? He’s no Beetlejuice or Bloody Mary, ya really gotta work for it.

Wait, how many Beetlejuices are we at?