weed, weapons, and Winnebagos


we all know how easy it is for a police officer to search a car or the personal effects of those in cars. are mobile homes treated by the police with any more respect (rather, any respect), seeing as how they function both as vehicles and homes?

if this varies by state (which i’m sure it does), how about telling me

a) a state you know about,
b) the worst states,
c) the best states, or
d) just tell me about damn Pennsylvania

thank you very much.


Do you really mean “mobile home,” such as may be found in trailor parks and are residences?

Or RVs?

An RV is a vehical when using public roads. Probable Cause would equally apply to them.

Unless they are permanently (or semi-permanently) parked at a mobile home park (or similar single lot), thus being a private residence. No cites. Just, IMHO, common sense.