Weekend hair colors?

Is it possible to dye your hair so that it only lasts for a few days (2-3, maybe 4)? I would really love bright blue or pink hair, but my company is very conservative, and I can’t dye it that color permanently.

If your hair is blonde, you could use a spray on color (think halloween like spray), like ones from a Sally’s Beauty Supply, but you run the risk of it staining your hair. Blue leaves behind a icky green color (my sis did this once). If you have darker hair, not much will show up on your hair. There is also this color pomade stuff, but it stains as well (on blonde/light colored hair), and is not just a put it on wash it out kinda thing. The other problem is that if your hair is not bleach blonde, the colors will not look so vibrant.

You could go the Jell-o route.

Thicken Jell-o with water (no sugar necessary) and saturate hair with it. It usually only lasts a wash or two though.

I’m afraid my hair is dark-auburn. Not quite black, not quite brown, not quite red.

Try your local pharmacy and see if they have something like ‘One Night Hair Color’ by www.modelsecrets.com

There’s always the inexpensive wig route which has the advantage of being reusable so you’re not always having to buy new dye. I’d wear them if I could get away with it.

No, no. Keep the sugar. Flys are cool.

Look into colored hair extensions. You can braid something into your hair or clip them in. My son has rather dark hair, and he always had to bleach it in order to get the full color effect he was looking for.

I agree. I have dark reddish brown hair, and a color like pink would not show up unless I bleached it first, and that’s not an option for you since this effect will last well over one weekend!

If all else fails, ask your stylist if he/she can recommend anything, they may have a product that is not readily available in drugstores.

I’ve got my hands on some colored hair gel, at Great Clips or something, that will put some color in your hair and wash out. They have gold, blue, green, red and purple, possibly more. For the life of me I can’t remember the name. Maybe Spiker or something like that. I’ll check when I get home.

Wow, thanks for all the tips. I’ll have to look into these this weekend.

Check out pony falls. They clip onto your hair and can be blended in with your natural color.

Here we go! http://www.icehair.com/main.html I love to use it when I’m not up for a month long color.