Weekly Comic Book Discussion 1/26/2006

Here 'tis.

New issue of Exiles wraps up the 2099 portion of their ‘World Tour’ arc, and next they move onto the world of the Squadron Supreme.

Spider-Man and Black Cat : The Evil That Men Do comes to a close, and it’s … okay, I suppose.
The Defenders** mini is completed, and though he didn’t get into the action, the Surfer gets the best line in the entire series.

Well, heck. A typo in the subject line. If a friendly mod happens by, could they remove that extra ‘M’?

Wonder Woman #225: That was… A bit much. I guess since I only came to the book for the Countdown/InfCri tie-ins, I wasn’t the right person for the “Say Goodbye to the supporting cast” issue. And once again, Wonder Woman is sent back to square one, without a sidekick or notable villain to her name.

JLA Classified #16: Wow. This was pretty good. Gail, can you break the streak and give us a good storyline? Also has the pun of the week: My God, he’s full of Starro!"

Green Lantern Corps Recharge #4: Groovy. Liked that the rookies have trouble with yellow. Like the baddies’ plan. I like how this corps is shaping up.

Batman #649: I want to like this story so much. I like the Red Hood. I like this portrayal of Black Mask. Hell, it’s got Joker, and that’s always good. But it’s just too damn long. And they made a major mistake setting it between panels of InfCri #4. During the series, yes, but not at that specific moment. “Let’s see, I could save the Joker… Or I could alert the world’s heroes that at least two clones of Superman are conspiring to destroy the universe and replace it with one of their making… Joker first, I think.” And the ending cliffhanger (and it seems next issue!) has no punch, since we know how it turns out already.

I don’t LIKE it, but if it’s only the rookies that are effected…well, I can deal with that.

Wonder Woman - Yeah, I’ll ditto Menocchio.

GL Corps Recharge - An excellent book.

Hawkman #48 - I enjoyed the insight to the Rann-Than conflict’s current goings-on, and eagerly await the Infinite Crisis Special for it.

JLA : Classified - You know what? I didn’t catch the reference in that at first, butnow that you point it out, that is pretty good.

Batman - Agreed, that it’s inconveniently timed.

Robin - Here’s the truly unfortunate book of the week. It’s got a good story, excellent use of Robin, we see his supporting cast escaping Bludhaven and learn about some hints of mystery going on there - but in spite of Dan DiDio’s claims that they will more closely monitor continuity from now on, Robin’s appearance here rules out his appearance in Infinite Crisis #4 at the battle of the Superboys. (at least, I am pretty sure I recall him there.)

Really? I had heard it was a direct follow up to the clash of the Superboys, and was more of a Teen Titans than a Robin solo story. My store sold out, so I can’t say myself.

The impression I have of this DC reboot (obviously what it is) is very negative.

It just doesn’t seem to click.

Could Moore have been P.O.ed before he left DC in a huff?

NOT a reboot.

And overall it’s been very good, and the pieces have clicked, although there’s been the rare misstep, which seems inevitable in an undertaking of this size.

What’s Moore got to do with it? He’s been pissed at DC for years. And I’m still not sure exactly why.

It opens with the Titans just having picked up Robin from Bludhaven, on their way towards Titans Tower - where Superboy lies ailing in the aftermath of the fight. Indicating the fight happened, then they picked up Robin, then Chemo hit Bludhaven.

I’m trying to find a way to intellectually resolve the two appearances, but it’s hard.

This week’s Adventures of Superman deals with Big Blue in Bludhaven, and the Titans come charging in in the last page or so, complicating the matter further. I still intend to try and produce a rough timeline for the DCU for this stuff…

That way lies madness. It seems obvious to me that DC doesn’t really care about keeping a tight continuity across titles, as long as the broad strokes stay the same. Robin not being in the fight is no big deal, Kid Flash missing the fight would be.

Given that that’s my opinion on continuity exactly, I don’t really mind. My above problem with Batman is more about theme and pacing than continuity.

But I’m a continuity nut!

Will someone please report the first post of this thread, asking the mods to fix the typo? It’s driving me nuts.

Other stuff this week : the first Invisibles TPB - which I’ve yet to read; KODT; Majestic; Catwoman #51; New Avengers - which has some classic stuff in it, really.

FYI, Newsarama’s reporting that 52 is going to be $2.50 a pop. Not a bad price. I’m still on the fence about it – I know that if I get it, by #20-something I’ll regret it but I’m such a completist that I’ll keep buying it, whereas if I don’t get it, I know that by #20-something I’ll regret not getting it.


As you wish.

Do we know when it starts? I’m collecting NO monthly comics for the first time since I was 6 years old, but I have to admit, I’m really intrigued by 52. I’d love to hold out for the inevitable TPBs, but that means it could be a couple years before I get to read it all. So I’ll probably buy the first few, at least.

Nextwave #1 - even better than advertised. I’ve read few books that had me in pain from laughing so hard every page. And I can’t stop listening to the theme song.

Dirk Anger, like Watchmen is an example of a writer not being allowed to play with the toys he wanted, and getting a lot more fun from a broomstick and pot lid than he would have otherwise. [/Tortured metaphor]

Given the format of 52, they’ll have enough material for a TPB in only two months, and they’ll want to hook you fast so you’ll start buying the weeklies. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t rush this thing to paperback by the third or fourth month, with another following every two months after that.

In general, given how fast the turnaround is these days, I’d always advise waiting fro the TPB. Unless you’re a comics purist like me, and love the suspense of getting stories in bite sizes instead of all at once, and the weekly ritual of going to the store.

(All of which means, no, I don’t know when the first issue will appear)

I’m not so much into the super-teams, but I do like Frank Cho & José Luis García-López just about enough to pick up an odd issue of New Avengers & JLA CLassified.

New Avengers: OK. Why is Cho getting the talking heads issues? Carol’0s too busty, but I like that at least the woman who works at the Bugle looks different in the face from the women in the Avengers. Also,I can’t believe that JJJ actually shook Spidey’s hand!
JLA CLassified: Hmm. Not so sure about this yet, but it’s JLGL, so I actually ordered it. Too much like the typical “big guns” JLA stuff of the last decade. Hope I don’t regret it.

Nextwave came out? I didn’t even know about this series until too late, I guess.

I am not certain where the 0 in “Carol’s” came from.

May, according to Newsarama. And there’s some disappointing news, according to Mr. Dan DiDio himself. I wish you were right, but it looks like you were way off on DC’s plans:


“That’s also why we’re saying up front that there will be no collected edition until the entire series concludes in 2007. We’re assuring people right now that there will be 52 issues out before the trade. We won’t ship any collected edition before the entire series is over, although it’s possible that we might solicit some sort of collected edition prior to that time, considering the structure of the whole ordering cycle—but this will be a weekly comic book experience first and foremost.”

Major bummer!

Ah well, sucks for the casual reader, but I guess he’s right in that the “real time” aspect of it is kinda the point of the exercise.