Weekly Comic Book Discussion 10/9/2008

Here it is!

Well, Batman’s certainly in trouble.

Not sure I approve of the major change in Action Comics this week…

Cripes, which one? When DC says “Finale,” they ain’t kidding are they? What the hell was that excuse for a wrap-up?

“Okay, we’ve got three or four major plot threads going simultaneously. Let’s see if we can wind them all up in as many pages!”

I guess they must have suddenly decided that they could only afford to fit 5 issues into the trade paperback, or something like that. This storyline easily had enough potential to last through issue 875 at least.

I am profoundly disappointed. And it was all going so well, too. My personal Brainiac checklist had been entirely fulfilled by this storyline. And then it went completely off the rails.

[spoiler]BRAINIAC: “Curse you, uncouth Kryptonian! Your mindless brutality has foiled my galaxy-spanning master plan! Well then, maybe I’ll just retaliate by shooting your dad!

WRONG. You’ve already established that Brainiac blows up solar systems. NOT Kansas farmhouses! BECAUSE THAT IS RETARDED.[/spoiler]


And what happened to Koko?!

Avengers/Invaders #5: How the heck is Bucky keeping a journal amidst all these goings-on? I don’t see him carrying a pad and pencil around.