Weekly Comic Book Discussion 6/22/2006

Hmm… Knights of the Dinner Table… All-Star Superman was really solid. Robin - still not a lot of insight into what’s going on, but there’s more to the story to be told, later. And let me just say - that is an Awesome Cover.

Ultimates 11 - the tables start to turn. Superman/Batman - as noted, a nice diversion. Birds of Prey - Solid story, but the cover is as bad as Robin’s is good. Ex Machina - awesome as usual.

That leaves Flash, and 52, which I will discuss in more depth later.

Manhunter does sound interesting. I may have to take a look at it.

JLA #17: Whip to the junk. Ouch. Decent story idea, but it didn’t really wow me and the art was a bit too cartoony for my tastes.

So why was Supes all blue and sparky? Who was the wantabe Wondy? And Batman got abducted by aliens? You know what? Screw it. Glad I didn’t read comics in the '90s…

All-Star Supes #4: : Takes a shot : Awesome.

GL Corps #1: Very good so far. Not a fan of the looks of Neo-Oa, but maybe it’ll grow on me. Love the fanboy prince.

Flash #1: Good so far. I could do with less angst, but this is better than the pain in the butt Bart I knew.

Joan Garrick back in the day, apperantly quite a looker.

I think this was probably a necessity (and maybe even a re-write) due to the Civil War event. The Avengers have seen first-hand that SHIELD is knee-deep in some seriously sketchy business. Then the Civil War “event” is introduced at Marvel. Bendis needed to write something that can somehow give Iron Man cause to side with Pro-Registration (which involves signing up with SHIELD).

Just my guess.

And – mild spoilers ahead – the gimmick is that, as a prosecutor, she has access to whatever confiscated supervillain weaponry happens to be locked up in evidence, as well as the names and addresses of criminal tinkerers out on probation. (Hey, she’s a single mother busily trying to quit smoking; she doesn’t have the time to build a slightly futuristic arsenal herself!)

Que? You’re reading the 90’s JLA, just now? I’d have to dig out my archives to answer most of your questions, but Superman went through an “energy form” phase for a little while.

As for Flash - the Speed Force developments are about what I expected. I really prefer Bart in his previous incarnation though, and unless there’s some sort of reversion on that issue, I can’t see myself sticking around after they finish the full Speed Force exposition.

You say this as if it’s a recurring theme. She got confiscated gear once, and got the name of one tinkerer. It’s a set-up detail, not a recurring plot element.

Is it a nice ring, or a piece of green plastic?

Oh, it’s plastic. Though I was tempted last year when DC Direct put out the deluze set of GL Rings…

Ah. This was the first Prometheus arc, right? Yeah, at that time most of the JLA were going through short-term and usually regrettable changes/replacements.

Here’s what I recall about Superman-Blue: The sun went out. Superman lost his powers due to the lack of sunlight. Hal Jordan brought back the sun, and thawed out the earth, at the cost of his life (this was the first of three attempts to redeem Hal). The lack of sunlight and exposure to Parallax’s green energy trabsformed Superman somehow, and he turned into an energy being. Eventually, he split into two energy beings (Superman Red and Superman Blue), they merged back together, and the New Coke Superman was no more. Thank God.

Wonder Woman died (I don’t remember how), became a Goddess, and her mother Hippolyta took her place for a while. Diana got better. Hippolyta has since died.

I don’t know what you’re talking about with Batman.

The Hippolyta replacement was clever, much smarter than Roy Thomas’s butchery efforts at recreating 1940s continuity with dull replacements for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc via Young All-Stars. I found out about it after the event.

They did what?

As a kid I had a homemade power ring I created from cardboard. Would be eccentric but cool as an adult to have one carved from jade.

they did this : http://www.dccomics.com/dcdirect/?dcd=3468&lst=all&cat=DC+DIRECT+GALLERY

Cool reveal about Manhunter’s Grandparents. I guess that wraps up a hanging plotline from the old Damage series, where they hint at those two being Damage’s real parents, and in the end…how’s this for an inversion…it turns out Damage is the son of the Golden Age Atom, who was Kate’s original suspect for grandpa.

It wasn’t mentioned in the story, but there was an ad for “Batman: The Abduction” in the book. It features Batman being lifted up in the tradition alien tractor beam way with a gray’s head in the background. So yeah, what the hell?

Besides, if Batman was kidnapped by aliens he would have had their ship under Brother Eye’s control within minutes. After the probing of course.

Oh yeah, just give the man an excuse… :wally

I didn’t read that paticular story, but at that time they sometimes liked to pretend that Batman didn’t exist in the DCU. Other books could feature Batman et al, but the Bat titles very rarely featured other DCU characters.

This led to such absurdities as Dick saying stuff like “some people say that Atlantis was sunk by an earthquake, if it ever existed” and then going to hang out with Tempest in Titans or Batman doubting he existance of aliens, and then lounging with Superman and the Martian Manhunter on the moon in the pages of JLA.