Weekly Comic Book Discussion 6/7/2007

Here 'tis.

New issue of Buffy! Oh, joy! :slight_smile:

Countdown: I am confused. Wasn’t Black Adam’s magic word changed at the end of 52 to something that he would never guess?

There is a Black Adam miniseries coming out that will explain what happened in the gap between 52 and Countdown.

Curse! No The All-New Atom!

Superman #663 - I am (slightly) mollified after last week’s Countdown, but more relieved – that this interminable Arion story has finally gotten moving. Enough with the broody Superman, already! Also: this one would have been better timed coming out before or the week of last week’s Countdown.

Supergirl #18 - Supergirl really needs her own rogues’ gallery. I though Wonder Woman had a sucky rogues gallery (Circe, Cheetah, … um?), but Supergirl really has nobody. Power Boy was a good start, but they’re never going to establish this character on her own if all she does is get pulled into crossover arcs.

Birds of Prey #107 - 'Bout time.

Countdown #47 - Finally feels like it’s starting to pick up momentum. However, the entire Monitor part still leaves me cold and uninterested.

Iron Man: Director of Shield -I’m glad to see the Mandarin back but I wish the storyline to re-introduce him was a little better.

Omega Flight -I’m a sucker for Beta Ray Bill and that’s the only reason I buy this mini-series.

Countdown -I don’t know why I continue to buy this series…but I feel like I can’t stop now. At least the Rogues are there.

Avengers: The Initiative -SINISTER SYNDICATE SIGHTING! However, wasn’t Boomerang’s look and powers totally redone back in the Underworld Unleashed mini-series? Oh wait…nobody read that because it was crap. Never mind.

??? Underworld Unleashed was published by DC, not Marvel.

PS238 released. With Wil Wheaton awesomenesssauce.

If you read Countdown closely,…

[spoiler]… you can surmise that his magic word was changed to “sorry.”

Of course, this doesn’t explain how he used his traditional magic word to transfer his dark powers to Mary.[/spoiler]

My fault, I meant the plain old Underworld mini-series.

This Week, Gail Simone, in association with DC, Wildstorm, and Spank Magazine presents: Comics Men (well, this man at least) Like!

Welcome to Tranquility #7: I think I enjoyed the Pink Bunny backup in an entirely unironic way. And man, way to turn a one-joke villain around.

Birds of prey #107: I wanna see Spy Smasher in Traction. And some more respect for the six this issue, which is nice!

All-New Atom #12: It’s back baby! The vacation to Chinese horror was fine, I guess, but not why I like this book. This issue is. Amazing, amazing stuff. If I started quoting the Ivy Town pamphlet, I’d be hear all day. Without a doubt the most fun book I’m reading right now.

And stuff not by Simone:
Detective Comics #833: I was amused when I saw the solicitations for this issue, given that Dini married Misty Lee, a beautiful brunette stage magician. But apparently Dini has been taking lessons in misdirection from the missus, because I did not see that coming. Awesome work.

Outsiders #48: I’m a bit ticked that details about Sasha’s OMAC enhancements are coming out in crossover, but whatever. It’s a solid issue.

Superman #663: I like the New Godlings run amok, and this issue did a service for Countdown by putting a little sting into Lightray’s death, but they dragged out Superman’s decision about Arion at least one issue too long.

Countdown #47: I think this is starting to turn around. I liked the Piper/Trickster interaction, and I didn’t expect that conclusion to the Black Adam/Mary meeting. I don’t mind that Black Adam got his powers back so soon. We knew it would happen. The question is how he does it, and how he came to regard them as a curse.

Jonah Hex #20: Oops. Left some bad guys alive last issue. Can’t let that happen again.

It can’t be “sorry”. Before saying “Shazam” to transfer the powers he says “sorry” in the middle of a sentence and nothing happened.

Maybe the word was “sorry” and he changed it back after figuring it out.

Atom and Birds of Prey were very good. Supergirl goes off on a weird digression, but I like it.

I agree with Wolfian’s conjecture. In fact, this issue very strongly implies that that’s what happened.

I agree that it’s the most likely word (in fact that was the first word I thought of; once Adam realized what happened to him I would give it about fifteen seconds for him to figure it out as the new word), but having it change back without Billy’s intervention just seems awkward. Still, given how poorly the entire Marvel family has been written over the past year (with the obvious exceptions of Smith’s work and Adam’s parts in Countdown) it wouldn’t surprise me.

It could have worked because it was her word, and he was giving the lightning to her. He was saying her word, not his.

Anyone else reading Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness? Just me?

Other acquisitions : PS238; Invincible; Jack of Fables; Countdown; Welcome to Tranquility; Birds of PRey; Atom; Superman; Supergirl; Detective; Outsiders; Nightwing.

Ahh, Atom. I love that book so very much.