Weekly Comic Book Discussion 8/9/2007

Here 'tis.

Picked up World War Hulk from last week, and Incredible Hulk this week - not too bad, but I’m betting on a big return to status quo after this mini event.

Also Exiles - good God, Claremont’s brought in Kitty Pryde, too. Now he has both his favorite Mary Sues to play with.

Black Adam #1: Perhaps a bit gruesome for my tastes, but then, it’s Black Adam. One wonders if and how he’s going to replenish his reserves of followers. All in all, it’s pretty good.

Batman #667: Feels a lot like Bulleteer. Complete loser superheroes, only this time they’ve got Batman to act as a foil. Very promising beginning.

Green Lantern #22: Space Opera. Fun. Lots of fun.

Countdown #38: Rather well done, I thought. They lost points for overusing the transition where one character finoshes the other’s sentence, but overall pretty good.

Maybe now you can explain how Hulk broke Strange’s hands. I can’t figure it out.

I figure Strange’s mystic link to the Hulk was so powerful that when the Hulk crushed his hands on the astral plane, his physical hands were also crushed by sympathetic magic.

Either that or the force of Hulk’s rage overwhelmed Strange’s consciousness to such an extent that Strange himself was compelled to flex his own hands with Hulk-like force, thereby shattering the bones?

Strange manifested in the flesh, kinda sorta. why? I don’t know.

But he was inside the Hulk’s head! How could he manifest in the flesh? It’s too small in there.

I wish I’d read World War Hulk – everyone’s level of confusion over what sounds like a very basic plot point is hilarious!

Gen13 - Whoah, meta. Also…oh, god, the names. Intern, FTW. The letterer made a few obvious mistakes, though… I just can’t imagine Bobby saying ‘thinked’, or coming up with a filthy definition of ‘Frug’. When Intern is explaining things to Roxy and Rainmaker, I can’t ID one of the teen heroes, though - I get Deathblow (I think that’s Deathblow, anyway), the Wildcats, Stormwatch, Planetary, and Wetworks (or the Colonel, anyway)…the middle one behind Sara, though, I can’t peg.

Countdown - Poor Jimmy, getting no respect. Speaking of lettering mistakes…there’s an unfortunate emphasis in Uncle Sam’s orders to the Freedom Fighters.

Batman - My main thought is that Raven Red is a really, really unfortunate name for the Native Robin. (I’m reminded of Golden Claw in Agents of Atlas.)

B.P.R.D. Killing Ground #1. I’m finding the B.P.R.D series to be a lot more interesting than Hellboy. It’s got a lot of fascinating characters and the status quo can change in unexpected directions. This issue brings together a few threads from earlier storylines. Among other events, Johann Krauss the spirit-medium gains a surprising windfall from the previous Garden of Souls story arc.

This is pretty reasonable. It’s how the Shadow King broke Prof X legs the second time.

That being? (I haven’t read the issue, nor am I likely to get around to it anytime soon.)

They’re trying to stop an accidental nuclear missile launch.

His orders: ‘Let’s wrap this up, people! I’d like ta avoid accidentally bombing the hell out of our allies.’ Emphasis as it (presumably accidentally) appeared in the book.

Creature From The Depths- Cheezy fun like a good horror flick caught on cable at 3 am.

GLI Deadpool special- Funny as always.

Picked up the tp of League Of Extraordinary Gentleman part 2.
I loved it. I know I’m missing some references. EG What’s the longlegged skeleton in the museum?

I noticed that too. “Let’s make sure we really mean to bomb our allies!” :slight_smile:

It’s a reference to an old limerick by Edward Lear.

There was an Old Man of Coblenz
The length of whose legs was immense
He went with one prance
From Turkey to France
That surprising Old Man of Coblenz.

Fables #64: I wish the war would start already. Good to see they’re gearing up for a crossover with Jack’, though. That should be fun, and I can’t wait to find out what Fabletown will do about Golden Boughs.

Mighty Avengers #4: Okay, this has been out for a couple weeks now. I was just hit by the shock of realizing who Ares’ face and hairstyle are based on–George Lazenby!

Countdown #38 - Uh, do I misremember, or should Atom Smasher not be a current member of the JSA? I thought that Damage was filling the full-face-mask-angry-guy slot at the moment…

Hulk hs always had the power (unexplained) to see Astral beings.

Perhaps this is just part of the learning curve for Green & Grusome.