Weekly Comic Book Discussion 9/29/2005

So good, I had to review it twice. I blame the hamsters. >_>

I gather Brother I’s not targetting Bats as a meta, but as a threat to OMAC.

Then ending was definitely…off tempo. Probably because of all the cuts. They weren’t handled too well, I don’t think.

NYX 7 - Not a bad end to a series killed in its prime. A lot of loose threads left hanging - a clear indication that it had been intended to continue.

I’m not sure what the deal was with Kida’s dad and Felon’s little brother, but I’m sure we’d have found out of Marvel hadn’t axed the series.

Best lines:

‘Tatiana?’ ‘No, Catiana!’ And later: ‘Catiana…that may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever…whoah!’

Check back a few issues - the one where OMAC has its dialogue with the creator. #4, I think. It says something to the effect of ‘metahumans like you’. That irked me a little.

Flash #227: Wha? I didn’t not enjoy it. Basically what Menocchio said.

Adventures of Superman #644: Great story! Apparently Zee is running out of magic. Wonder if that’s just a her thing or if its effecting all magic users. Jimmy is dating that really hot girl we met a few issues back. Way to go bowtie boy! Just how old is he supposed to be? He looks about 16-17 here, but like 12-13 in Action Comics.