Weekly conference calls with Christian Fundamentalists?

Does the White House conduct weekly conference calls with fundamentalist Christians?

Or do they conduct weekly conference calls with a variety of religious leaders? Is this SOP for all presidencies?

Where did you hear this from?

That claim was made at least in a recent editorial in Rolling Stone about a group of people called the Dominionists .

I quoted from the editorial in this thread .

They’re scary, scary people, and they’re pretty much doing their best to destroy this republic.

That’s my favourite verse:

*Imagine all cloned people
watching double-penetration videos
while sacrificing the offspring
of their numerous wives
to Moloch


You might say that I’m a raver
but I’m not the only one…*

I love the tricky stuff he did with the meter, there.

Hey, those Dominionists don’t seem to be calling for more stoning, so they are still more liberal than the Christian Reconstructionists.

I heard a snippet of some program on NPR a couple of days ago mention this. I thought the reporter was saying something about the Christian leaders’ weekly conference call to the White House. It sounded odd to me. I don’t know if it is peculiar to this White House or not.

A lot of his allies are among fundamentalist Christians. It doesn’t seem surprising to me in the least that he would maintain regular contact with them. There’s not a single cabal controlling all fundamentalist Christians in the U.S. (which seemed sorta implicit in the way the OP asked the question) - there’s no fundamentalist Pope, so if he’s in regular contact with some particular group of people, it seems odd to me to describe them as just “Christian fundamentalists” when that’s actually a pretty diverse crowd.

If you’re suggesting he’s letting Dominionists set national policy, I kind of doubt it. I don’t think he shares that particular ideology, and I would guess it would be rather problematic with his often pretty flag-waving base, what with the Dominionists’ desire to destroy all national boundaries and form God’s kingdom on Earth.