Weezer-The Beatles for nerds?


Is Weezer the Beatles of the nerd generation?

I love Weezer, I like Star Trek fully, I was not sucessful with women until I met my wife, I enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons, and the muppets are a favorite since early childhood.

Does the band play to the almost cool nerd generation? I LOVE WEEZER, and I hope they last as long as the Stones!


While I think Weezer is immensely talented and lots of fun, I doubt each one alone would be able to market themselves solo.

But they do kick ass.


I dont think so, while I like a lot of their stuff, I dont really identify with them, despite that people have often said stuff like in the OP.

With regards to who I relate to: current bands: Promise Ring. All bands: Echo and the Bunnymen (although a lot of Echo’s stuff is sort of “introvert with a wink”: they seem to be almost the exact people Elvis Costello was singing about in Town Crier.)

Nope. Not as prolific nor as talented.

Weezer isn’t “The Beatles for nerds”.

They’re barely even “The Cars for nerds”.