Weight loss pill, 78% pure fat?

There’s a commercial for one of those “miracle” weight loss pills that claims that “78% of every pound lost is pure body fat”. I’m wondering what the other 22% might be. Water seems to be the obvious answer to me, but how would that be measured?
BTW; I do not use any of this kind of snake oil product, so no warnings are needed, :wink:
I’m just curious what that other 22% might be and how they arrive at that claim.

The other 22% comes out of your wallet.

A lot more than that, I’d say. Once they get your info.

You lose muscle, hit the gym. Losing muscle mass(along with a slower metabolism) is one of the reasons diets alone generally don’t work long term. Less muscle means fewer calories needed to maintain weight.

That sounds right. But that much? I know that if you simply reduce calorie intake you lose muscle, and that’s all this (and similar) product does, by making you feel fuller.
Problem is that hunger isn’t always triggered by lack of fullness.