Weight loss question

I’ve lost about 80 pounds over the last couple of years. I feel better, but I’m left with sag… My stomach, my thighs, my hips, and my breasts, all seem to have too much skin. Does this ever go away? Is there anything I can do to make it tighten up faster? Am I doomed to forever have more skin than I have me?

First off, congratulations on your weight loss. That’s quite an achievement.

I’ve heard that it will go away after time, but that you will be saggy for a little while. You might try weightlifting to tighten up your muscles–that might help with the skin, although I make no promises.

Well done on losing so much weight! The people that I’ve heard of losing large amounts of weights often then have surgery to remove the excess skin. That’s the only remedy I know of, so I hope it’s covered by your insurance plan.

USA Today article on excess skin removal

But this seems to be more for people who use methods such as gastric bypass surgery and drop from 500 to 200 pounds. Now that’s a lot of extra skin.

Sadly, I don’t even have an insurance plan, so I’m sure it isn’t covered under one. I guess for now I have to just hope ultrafilter
is right. :frowning:

It really depends on the amount of skin and how much the skin elasticity has been damaged by stretching. I have lost and gained significant amounts of weight over the years and other than some striations at areas of maximum expansion I really don’t have any “flappy” skin. If your skin is simply wrinkling slightly then workouts and time and may help to tighten it up but truly damaged skin (especially if you are female and older) is not going to “snap back” and needs to be removed surgically.

Well, most places it just wrinkles when I lean certain ways and like that. I think I’m just going to be stuck with saggy breasts unless I shell out for surgery, but I guess I’m hardly the first woman to have those. I’m only 20 though, and it isn’t big flaps of skin, just a bit loose in spots… SO I’ll keep working out and hoping for now.

Thanks everyone. :cool:

As young as you are, you should be fine. Just keep up the good work.

Just let me add my congratulations, and all the best in keeping it off!

As for saggy breasts, they will probably go that way once you breastfeed (if you tend to go that route) anyway, so don’t worry about it too much.

But if you build up the chest muscles underneath, it can help.

You could try the following:

1] Squeeze the juice of one whole fresh lemon in a glass of water (150 ml) and drink 4 such glasses of lime / water every day.

2] Take light massage on whole body with Corn Oil once a week

3] Put 50 gms of salt in your bath water every day

You would take at least 2 years to see about 90% improvement in your skin condition i.e. removal of excess skin.

I don’t even plan tp have children. I hate the little things. No offense to anyone who has them, I’m sure they’re very nice… But there will certainly be no breastfeeding going on here. :stuck_out_tongue: