weight of a gallon of milk

ok. I have been doing a little research on the question after an office discussion erupted about this. The closest answer I can find is 6 to 8 pounds per gallon. I do realize that this varies depending on what kind of milk (negating the packaging). I couldnt even find standards from the dairy industry.
Can anyone help me out?

Well, water weighs about 8.3 pounds per gallon (US). Since milk is basically a bunch of fats suspended in water, my first WAG would be about 8 pounds per gallon :slight_smile:


About Eight and a half pounds is what I always figure. After hitting google for a little research I’d say about the same thing (one said 8.6 another said 8.7 others said around 8) you get the idea. Depends on Butterfat, Proteins and other solids so there is no one constant I wouldn’t think.

I agree. “A pint is [a little over] a pound the world around”, putting it at ~8.5 pounds, but since milk is less dense than water, right around 8 pounds.

OK folks, specific gravity is the term you’re looking for.
According to this site:
Milk has a specific gravity of 1.02-1.05.
I only work in metric sorry, so I’ll have to take Arjuna’a 8.3 lbs/gal figure for water as accurate.
Given this that gives 1 gallon of milk a weight of between 8.466 and 8.715 lbs.
Milk isn’t just a bunch of fats suspended in water. The milk solids consist largely of dissolved sugars and quite a bit of suspended colloidal material, mostly proteins. Both these components are denser than water, hence milk is 2-5% heavier than water. How that one site got a figure of around 8 is beyond me.