Weight of hair Q.

My partner and I are at odds about a weight issue.
When she asked me what I thought our Pt. weighed I said 90 lbs and she said 100 lbs.
I know most use the metric but I don’t and I asked my partner if she took into account that our Pt did not have any body hair. This 70+ year old lost all body hair at the age of 10 after a very bad case of measles. That is the pt’s story.
Ok I didn’t indicate sex of pt. so on average how much might an average man carry in hair weight?
And, an average women?
Just ball park please. I am curious if 10lbs could be even possible:dubious:

Maybe this guy. Most people would not come anywhere near having 10lbs of hair.

What is a “Pt.?”

I assume it is a patient of some sort. 10 lbs of body hair would be a massive, incredible amount. Have you ever lifted a large bag of clippings. It weighs extremely little.

Extremely little. No more than 50-100 grams tops, and that would be a LOT of hair, and 99% of that would be off the head. Probably more like 30-40 grams realistically. BTW for reference 1 lb.=453.6 grams.

Pick up a wig… I would be surprised if it was over a pound or two, even with the base infrastructure and glue. For older people, even women, hair gets thinner (less thick strands, and less of them) and so lighter. No way the average guy, even if he’s extremely hairy, has more body hair than is found on a typical head of hair. Even at 100lb, hair weight is insignificant unless we’re talking braids to the knees.

Pt. = parent???

Like Shagnasty posted, Yes a patient from a recent EMS call.
One has to be very vague when referring.
I was being a bit snarky as a Brit would say with my fellow EMT on the weight estimate.
However I was also curious about total body hair weight.

I’m a member of an online community of people who grow their hair to extreme lengths, and people with tons of hair on their head, think a knee-length braid the thickness of a child’s wrist, have maybe 2-4 lbs of hair. Based on this I think body hair is pretty much weightless.

I weighed the bottom 6-8" of my head hair (because that’s as much as I could get on the scale while still able to see the numbers). It weighed between 28-30 grams. I used a digital electronic kitchen scale.

I have medium-thick hair and my ponytail is probably 7/8" thick. Y’all can probably estimate from there for the average person with hair down to their waist, or however.

As far as body hair, I would guess around that same 30g amount (hair on the scalp grows a lot more densely, so even though body hair is all over, it’s sparser, plus it doesn’t get as long) with maybe twice as much for the really hirsute guys. Unfortunately, the only reasonable way I can think of to measure involves shaving it off.