Weight to volume conversion for rice

How many 1-cup single servings of cooked rice are there in 5 metric tons of dry white rice (ordinary oryza sativa) prepared with 2 parts water to 1 part rice?

1 cup of dry rice weighs about 205 grams.

1 cup of dry rice makes about 3 cups of cooked rice.

So, about 73,171 cups of cooked rice.

Well, I just did a quicjk weight test and it turns out that one cup of rice actually weighs about the same as a cup of water - about 240g. I didn’t expect this would be the case, but if you think about it, rice sinks in water (so it’s more dense), but packs with air gaps (which more or less cancels out the extra density as a bulk product).

So assuming no significant losses through evaporation, your 5 metric tons of rice, plus 10 metric tons of water will make 62,500 servings, give or take.

You just get better portions at my restaurant, that’s all.

Ummmm, out of curiosity… why?

Really big stir fry?

There is a precedence for using loaves and fishes. But, rice is pretty cheap. :slight_smile:

I wondered how many children Feed the Children was feeding.