weight-training and children's growth

Is there any truth to the common belief that weight-training during childhood or adolescence stunts grwoth?

In my Kinesiology class last year, we were taught that heavy weight training can cause the growth plates to prematurely calcify, thus stunting growth. If you have a youngster wanting to get stronger, stick with low weight/aerobic type activities for now

That sounds like a reasonable theory, but is there any data? I don’t ever remember hearing that overworked children’s growth was stunted by premature calcification. Malnutrition in some instances, but never that.

This might explain the way Olympic level
male gymnasts have relatively short legs compared to the rest of their bodies.

I’ll try to get some info for you.

AUT said

I dunno. Could it be some sort of ‘self’ selection? You’ll rarely see … um … very buxom female runners. The ‘foundation garment’ industry hasn’t gotten to the point where they can make a sports bra that allows the abundanatly endowed female to run without becoming quite uncomfortable.

Perhaps long legged men tend to go for the running sports and basketball, while shorter llegged men go for the sports where height isn’t that important, and for that matter, shortness of stature might be a plus?

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