Weight Training Suppliments

When is the best time to take suppliments? I take a protein (Whey based) suppliment in the morning as well as Creatine pills. I work out in the late afternoon- sometimes at 5:00pm sometimes at 1:00pm. It ranges depending on what’s going on at work. Should I continue taking the suppliments in the morning, or should I take them an hour before working out? An hour after? Late in the evening? When, given the time I work out, should I take this stuff?
***I only take them once a day, I would prefer to take it all at once as opposed to spreading it out. Maybe one day, but not at present.


I’ve heard that after your workout is the best time, but I’d have to dig for a cite. More later.

Any followups?

I’ve heard from friends that the best time to take creatine is an hour to a half hour before your workout. I usually do the protein suppliment a half hour after the workout and several times throughout the day.

I’ve noticed that creatine loading before a workout actually allows me to lift more and suffer less soreness the next day.

Check out http://www.exrx.net/ for some good information.

First off all creatine pills are not best. Go buy the powder. Drink it pure with water. The directions say take it five times a day for the first week. Then after you saturate your body take it two times a day.
As for the protein, take it as soon as you can after your workout. That’s when your body is trying to recover and needs more nutrients.

No. First off, it’s “supplement” not “suppliment.” But yes, protein after a work-out will enhance the repair work your body needs.

Why are the pills bad? Since I already have a case of 'em should I take 2 in the morning, 2 mid morning, 2 afternoon and 1 in the evening (since the rec. dosage is 7)?

I just read this and it sounds pretty bad, but it seems like a pretty extremist site and in reading it does sound like there is some needless demonizing going on.

Anyone know the Straight Dope on Soy Danger? I tried searching, but ‘soy’ is too short a word.

Make sure you eat some good high-GI carbs after your work out. Your muscles need to have their glycogen stores refilled. :slight_smile: That is the best Supplement.

All you need to know and more… "Body For Life’ by Bill Phillips. Best book ever written on the subject.

Mostly it depends upon what the result is that you’re trying to achieve. Taking too large a helping of protein all in one shot is FAR less beneficial than taking it in smaller increments throughout the day. If you’re lifting weights and hoping to firm up, gain a little mass, etc., you need to be taking in protein throughout the day. Depending on your body type and goals, a small or moderately sized meal every 2 1/2 - 3 hours with about 20 - 25 grams of protein is a safe and consistant way to repair those muscles and get the optimum result from your work out. Otherwise, why bother (unless of course you’re doing it for other health reasons).

All this being said, it’s best to take a large helping of protein within an hour after a good weight training work out. The body goes through something called its ‘window of opportunity’ at which time it can take in and efficiently process a higher than normal amount of protein (how much is something you need to find out for yourself and your body type, but usually around double what you would take in for an ordinary meal is about right). In ADDITION, some consistant protein intake throughout the day (even if you supplement it with a protein bar or drink here and there, they sell them all over the place now) is the best way to go.

And yes, take in some complex carb with each protein intake (a little fruit, wheat bread or brown rice…). It’s far healthier for the kidneys, it is easier for the protein to be broken up when they are taken with a carb.

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