Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974

Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974

After doing a search (I couldn’t believe nobody had dedicated a thread to them before) I decided to share with you folks the glory that is weight watchers cards from the 70’s

In summary, extremely bizarre foods combined with 70’s high-saturation photography and disgusting table cloths leaves you pretty disgusted…

I think my favorite is the “Chilled Celery Log”

Lucky guy, really. He finds some weight-watchers cards, puts them on the net, and ends up with a book deal!

Dear Og, my stomach hurts and my co-workers think I’m insane…

I actually own TWO sets of these. Fun stuff.

It’s a rip-off of James Lileks, but funny nonetheless.

I’m sitting here with tear streaks on my face, that made me laugh so hard. I just knew my decision to avoid WW was right.


And what’s the obsession with mackerel? Perhaps I’m happier not having to know.

Back in the day, the WW plan required that you eat fish five times a week! :eek: I imagine after awhile you’d be pretty darned desperate for new ways to cook fish. Maybe even desperate enough to try those! :smiley:


BTW, WW is nothing like that now! I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs this time around, eating “normal” food and not feeling deprived at all! Of course, YMMV.

Five servings of fish per week, and at least one serving of liver. Ugh.

But that was the WW of the 1970s. Thirty years later, it’s quite a different, and better diet plan.

Heh, and liver once a week. They say any type of liver is OK. I’d go for the Foie Gras if it was me. It’s a diet food.

It’s like a ripoff only funnier.

I suppose the plan was to help you lose weight by making you lose your appetite first…

I love those! When my mom started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, she asked me to send her recipes - I sent her a link to those as a joke.
I also sent her plenty of legitimate recipes too!

I think I burned off 500 calories from laughing alone.

Man, I LOVE sites like these!!! Has anyone ever done a thread on the 10 Worst Album Covers (pts 1 & 2) on here? I don’t think I can do a search, as a guest… :frowning:

Actually, it’s a girl, Wendy Mclure. I’ve read her momoir, I Am Not The New Me, and liked it. She also has a blog, http://www.poundy.com/, which is pretty funny.

You can also get these in book form, in The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan. I have it, and it’s full of funny stuff!

And for those who like James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food, there’s going to be a sequel out later this year.

Edit: Ah, I see somebody already mentioned the book. Never mind. But it’s still funny. :slight_smile:

I remember being first shown this website about three years ago when I went to work as a data entry temp with the company that I mom worked for. One of the engineers was always showing me kooky stuff like this. It still makes me giggle out loud any time I read those recipe card comments.