weighted clothing

On the cartoon show dragonballz many of the characters wear weighted clothing. These items range from weighted boots to weighted shirts and pants. I am wondering if there is really a such thing as weighted clothing, and if so, where can I get some? I tried a search on google, but all it pulls up are dragonballz web pages… any web sites I can order from online ? thanks…

Doesn’t look like it: a Google search for

“weighted clothing -dragon -training -dragonball -power -dbz”

turns up zip. I’m guessing it’s something that exists only in the cartoon.

Make it yourself?

I’m too disinterested to do it myself, but use the search terms, “autism weighted vests”.

There is a theory that clothing that is weighted helps kids and adults with autism do calm down when they have to deal with us.

(extended disclaimer about autism theories)

You might also check for “mink fur blankets”. They are a type of blanket that is very heavy.


Um, what do you want them for? You can always just sew drapery weights into the hems of your clothes. As far as weighted boots, buy a hefty pair of steel toes. I’m not sure how much mine weigh, but they’re knee-length, 20-eyelets, with five buckled straps, rubber souls and steel toecaps. Look in the ‘industrial’ sub-heading under ‘boots’ on http://www.spookyboutique.com/.

Veronica Lake once had a dress of hers weighted.

There are weight vests and weighted belts for training. I’ve mostly seen them in martial arts mags.

do you think the concep of dragonball z is real?

The Queen (of the UK) is said to wear weighted dresses, in case it is windy;
is this then something that she has in common with Dragonball z characters?

Well, I’m not sure what kinds of weights you mean, but I’ve got a couple of vintage dresses which have little weights sewn into the hems, it’s to help the skirts sit properly

Those wonderful dresses women wore musical films (think Ginger Rogers) often had weights in the hems to give them a good line as the dancer moved.

I believe that modern ballroom dancers do the same thing to some of their costumes for much the same reasons.

If you mean weights for training, you can get wrist and ankle weights at sporting goods stores. There are also shoe weights you can lace onto your shoes. You can get 25-pound bags of lead shot at any gun shop. Get a fisherman’s vest with 20 pockets. Pour some shot in each pocket. When it feels right, sew the pockets shut.

WARNING! Do not work with shot over carpet. Outdoors would be even better. Shot is round and frisky. Even a small spill scatters over a wide area. A strong vacuum sweeper can pull it out of the carpet eventually, but the little pellets tear through the filter bag like, well, shot. Sweeping hundreds of tiny round balls on a hard floor is like herding mice. I discovered that while filling a couple of boat anchors.

I’ve seen an 80-pound vest. I’ll see if I can dig up a link later today.

You can buy the stuff at many matial arts supply stores (the concept isnt new).
But the cheapest way I know of is to do as has been mentioned. Make your own. Might not “sit” as comfortably but it does work.
The wrist and ankle weights are a bit akward if you want to practice strikes, unless you somehow brace them to not shift so much.
I do recommend diving weights. They’re designed to fit on a belt, and you can get a surprising amount on there. Can be used to great effect for both leg strength and cardio, and since the weight is on the hips there is less chance of back strain/injury.

Simply searching for weight vest returns many relevant results.
The first result seems to be good: