Weiners driving with cell phones (Minor RO)

Who in this day and age hasn’t heard the dangers of driving while talking on a cell phone? C’mon, even if you blow it off, you’ve heard of it. Sure, it’s not as bad as texting or putting on make up, but it takes a hand away while distracting you.

Now, I know some folks get the rare call while they are driving. So I can understand while they haven’t gotten or aren’t wearing their ear piece. But a professional driver is going to be driving around a lot, they should definately have invested in such a device to do the best to minimize the dangers of cell phones while driving. But not you. No, even though you’ve been to specialized schooling to drive your vehicle. Heck, you’re an ambassador of your company, promoting their product. The least you could do is show some professionalism, there’s a waiting list for your job after all.

How could I know this? Who would be looking at you in traffic? Most everybody, you’re driving the fucking Weinermobile! They should send you back to Hot Dog High and retake the Hotdogger Oath.

And fuck wieners who can’t spell wiener, too! :smack:

Well now I’m jealous. They say that driving while talking on a cell is as dangerous as driving drunk, and I’ve always kinda wanted to drive the weinermobile dead drunk.

Obligatory news story link

Best evidence seems to indicate that the problem arose from the difficulty of keeping a 27-foot, 7,000-pound wiener from skidding on slippery, snow-covered roads, not from cell phone usage (nothing to suggest they were using cell phones).

Now we can have someone drive while drunk and talking on a cell phone. Ah the possibilities are endless.

Two things, first off you are a bit late to the party :smiley:
Secondly in among all of those tube steak puns I don’t see any claim that the driver was on the cell phone.

No, I saw one of the Wienermobiles in Lisle yesterday and the driver was on the phone.

[Martin Prince (The Simpsons)] The preferred spelling of wiener is w-i-e-n-e-r, although e-i is an acceptable ethnic variant. [/MP]

[Nelson Muntz] smaaack…Ha-Ha

That’ll teach ya, weiner boy

Is the wienermobile rear wheel drive? I wonder if it does donuts…

Drunk dialing while driving…yikes!

I heard they were trying ketchup to the car in front of them…

I have a feeling this thread is going to decend into the wurst the internet has to offer.

That story has so many bad puns in it, I’d swear it was written by a team of Dopers.

Driving while chatting on a “hands-free” cellular phone is just as dangerous as driving while holding a mobile phone, according to a study conducted by the University of Utah.

We’ve certainly mustard up enough indignity on this subject in the past.

Indeed, I believe that’s this year’s wiener - no, I mean winner, of most bad buns - no, sorry, puns, in a news article.