Weird Al song suggestion

Or anybody else could do it – hey all you musically inclined Doper, listen up. Having just started The God Delusion and thinking about Richard Dawkins’s premise that more atheists need to “come out” Weird Al could do a song like Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” but using famous atheists/agnostics (I’d include agnostics whch may not work for Richard Dawkins but probably neither he nor I will be doing the song so neither of us will get to decide.) It would be nice to have permission or at least be working off a public acknowledgement of the includeds beliefs. And it should have explainations about who the people are, same as the Sandler songs. Hell, I would help write it, but I am no performer.

Wikipedia has a list, of course. (They probably have my grocery list, or at least Linus Torvald’s grocery list.)

On what, um, “holiday” were you planning on basing the song? :wink:

Well, it has to be one completely void of religious meaning and origin.

I suggest Guy Fawks Day. :smiley:

Nope. Catholicism was too wrapped up in the Gunpowder Plot. Maybe Arbor Day?

(slight hijack)
Speaking of atheists coming out, check out this article in Newsweek

the website Blasphemy Challenge is encouraging people to “out” themselves as atheists.

I’m sure he could manage to write it, but it might be unlikely since he’s not an athiest.

Don’t need to be one to spoof em. Do it Al. Do it!

That’s what I was going to say- not only is Weird Al not an atheist, he doesn’t take song suggestions. So you’re better off writing this song yourself. Unless, of course, you are Al. Seeing as he’s known to lurk on these boards, that’s not out of the question.

So what you’re saying is, you think the OP can tickle our funny bone? (HA!)

Weird Al should take the song I Wanna Rock - by Snoop Dogg. And call it I Wanna Knock You Out. You have to admit that there is at least one of those people that we all wanna know. In my life there are like 30. They just wanna make them :smack: them in the head every time I see them.

Here’s the link: