Weird Behaviour from my Dog

I have a bulldog, who will be 11 in May, old for a bulldog. She is the typical bulldog, dumb as a rock, with a face only a mother could love. Tonight we did our normal walk, to the back easement and back, about 8-10 minutes. She made her usual stops and did her usual business.

The only time she ever barks is when she sees another animal outside (dog, cat, squirrel, rabbit) or when it thunders. Her barks are very loud and scary.

When we got back into the house, she went to kitchen, ate some kibble, drank some water. Everything normal.

Then she comes into the room where I’m watching TV, and starts barking, but softly. It was like she was trying to whisper to me and not disturb my TV watching. She barked about 15 times, was looking at me the entire time. I checked her water and food, plenty of both. She then went to her bed. I did some scritches behind her ears and she fell asleep. I resumed watching TV.

She is sound asleep as I type this, snoring very loudly. Passing gas occasionally. Everything back to normal.

Our bulldog has occasional bouts of weirdness, we just chalk it up to her being a special animal. (you can take that special however you want, it could go either way). About half the time the not weird but strange stuff comes because she wants to be needy.

Were there animals or animal sounds on TV? Even Scooby Doo and the tweet of birds can do it for mine.

Mine will often come and woof softly at me. She is rather vocal though and will often make other noises as well. She rarely barks loudly - one or two barks when someone shows up - but it isn’t uncommon for her to do the soft woofing. At first I thought she was trying to tell me she had to go out, but when I let her out, she’ll stand and look at me.

You said she was looking at you, but was she aware and responsive to you? If she was then it probably isn’t too serious.

She’s 11, she probably had a senior moment. She was probably talking about that time in Aught Five when she wore an onion on her belt because it was the fashion at the time.

She was barking at the poltergeist and didn’t want to alarm you.

I don’t think there were animal noises. I was waiting for “The Amazing Race” to come on so it was 60 Minutes on TV. Maybe on the commerical. she has never responded to anything on TV before.

Actually, she did kind of have a distant look in her eyes. She was right in the middle of the room, not in one of the spots where she normally sleeps or rests.

I am betting on the Senior Moment and/or poltergeist, although I think she would have barked more loudly at the poltergeist.

No other strange behaviour since last night.

This. Sadie the puppy barked at the ceiling twice last week. She never barks, except at the vacuum cleaner. But there she is, circling the dining room table, looking up at the ceiling and barking like mad. Dogz iz weerd.

Well, the vacuum cleaner IS a portal to the dimension that cannot be named. You think all the fur in the vacuum cleaner bag is from your pet alone? No way. Those are the animals that tried to cross back over and didn’t make it.

Well dogs can hear better than you and smell things you can’t so perhaps there was an issue.

I’d be inclined to go with the “senior moment”, also.

This makes sense. There’s enough hair in the bag to make another dog.

I was actually a bit spooked when she barked at the ceiling. She was looking at a hanging light fixture with glass globes. After she topped barking, I noticed that one of the globes was tilted off the base. Since I don’t dust and we’ve had no earthquakes, the only explanation is poltergeist.