Weird Cat Behavior, Volume XXXIX (or so)

Max, one of my cats, has been hanging closely around me today. He gets my attention and stands expectantly, waiting for me to pet him.

A little while ago, he went upstairs to my son’s room. He began calling, and I thought that one of the females was in the back of the house at the window, but then the noise approached me. Max came out of the stairwell, still calling, with something in his mouth.

He dropped it at my feet, and I picked it up. It was a plastic spider, painted up to look convincingly real. It’s from my “monsters” collection for playing tabletop games. My son has a few on his computer desk as decorations.

I took it from him, and pet him- his reward for bringing me a present. I didn’t think much of it, and kept reading the Dope.

A little while later, I heard him calling again. He came down the stairs with another spider, identical to the first.

Now he’s gone upstairs again. I wonder what he’ll bring me next? He’s never done this before, AFAIK.

Awww…him wuvs his human! :slight_smile:
My cat does the same thing with these hamster looking things filled with catnip.
He gets this deep, throaty mrrrrooooooowwww going really loud, almost like he’s about to be sick.

But he just stands over his “kill” doing it, he doesn’t actually bring it to me.

Now that its summer, I will leave my screen door open all day so little Booboo can go outside whenever he pleases. I like it cold at night, so I close the door and crank up the AC before I go to bed. Well, at around 5:30 every morning, Booboo decides that he needs to go outside and greet the morning. He has tried several techniques to wake me, including clawing at mirrors, or the carpet, or picture frames. This simply wasn’t working efficiently enough for him. One morning he noticed a nice full glass of water on my night stand. And oh how convenient! Right next to my head. So that morning I woke up with a wet head, and none too happy with little Booboo. In an effort to outsmart him and avoid this situation in the future, I finish my glass of water before going to bed.
So Booboo has finally settled on the perfect technique. I keep spare change in a little jar on one of my dressers, so he will jump up there, stick his paw in the jar, and proceed to jingle the change around until his lazy owner gets up and lets him out that damn door!
I would move the jar, but its just too funny to see him do it, and I’d rather he do that than claw holes in the carpet.
Ahhhhh . . . . little Booboo

harmless and I have the same cat. We moved into this house last year that had previously been occupied by a dog owner. His dog toys, hiding under various built-ins, came with the house. Precious found a rubber squeeze toy that looks like a cheeseburger and she adopted it as her own. Late at night, we’ll hear her plaintive, throaty mmmrrroooooowwws as she comes up from the basement carrying her cheeseburger in her mouth. If she finds someone up, she’ll drop the toy and stare at you like, “What are you looking at?”

No matter where we relocate her toy she finds it and brings it upstairs. She doesn’t really play with it, though. Just carries it around. At first I thought she sounded sad or in heat, but now I think it’s a maternal instinct and she’s carrying her babies. (She’s a mom.)

My cat has never brought me a dang thing. She would much rather toy with me.

Anytime I am sitting in the bedroom and make the mistake of getting up, she comes running up at me meowing like crazy. The meow is that unmistakable “Pet me RIGHT NOW” meow that most of you cat owners are likely familiar with.

BUT, we can’t do the petting in the bedroom! She leads me out of the bedroom and through the kitchen (looking behind her at intervals to make sure I am coming) and into the livingroom where she plops down and gives me that “You may pet me now” look.

THEN, when I bend down to pet her, she gets up, walks 5 feet away, and plops down again with a look like… well, PET ME ALREADY!! If I walk over there to pet her again, the cycle repeats.

It’s fairly apparent she doesn’t really want to be petted. She just likes screwing with my head.
Bah… stupid cats! :slight_smile:

You should submit her to :wink:

That site is GREAT!!!
I think my cat is far too sneaky to show her hated of all humanity in such a way that it could be captured in a photo and used against her later at the trial.

The bigger issue I think, is that it seems apparent she doesnt make any differentiation between me and her toy mousy.

We both exist simply to amuse her.

“Oooo!”, thinks me, “I should get a pic of Boo doing his retrieval trick”.

After all, it shouldn’t be hard. You play with the little string-on-a-stick toy, you throw the toy down the stairs, and he brings it back up to you, cute as can be.

<Snap!> Pic of said toy.
<Snap!> Pic of Boo playing with said toy.
<Snap!> Pic of toy being tossed down stairs.

And Boo stares at me like a complete kittydip. :dubious:

Hmpf. I truck my ass down the stairs, retreive toy, and repeat the process.

Toy goes down the stairs, cat lays down.

“Hey cat”, I say, “every fricking day we play this game. The toy goes down the stairs, you bring the toy back. It’s been that way for six fricking months. I break out the camera, and you decide playtime is over??”

“Oh well, I’ll just write up a post about how fricking stupid the cat is instead”.

And as I type this, he walks into the computer room, toy in his mouth.

Fricking cat. :smack:


“I think your cat and my cat should get together and go bowling”

Lady’s done this twice in the past week, and I don’t get it.

A heart-broken howling issues from out in the hallway, so I see what’s up, and am lead by the tail-less one to the living room. She stops in front of the entertainment center. Gives me a look like she’s frighten to death. Hides under the couch. WTF?

You have a body hidden in your entertainment center!
(And she hid it there!):stuck_out_tongue:

You know, she is the only cat I’ve ever seen that displays a look of something like guilt…She’s hiding something, you can tell. now I’m afraid to look in the entertainment center.

Hey nocturnal_tick! I think we got another potential SDMBBP’er here!

However, the John Bender part has already been taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

My oldest cat will take my blush brush out of my make-up tray and walk around with it, crying like it’s a dead kitten. It freaked me out at first, but now I’m only bugged by the fact that some mornings I have to go on a search before I can put my face on.

My youngest kitty has been walking around squeaking (she hasn’t mastered the “mew” yet) in the evening. I think it’s because she caught a mouse the other day and she’s trying to ferret out some more.

Sounds cool to me… as long as I don’t have to be Molly Ringwald. My wife would never understand…

I got a second cat about 8 months ago…he’s kind of parculiar. He’s the only cat I’ve had that likes to retrieve things like a dog might.

I got him these little play mice made of fabric, lots of different colors. He’ll bat one around for a bit and then bring it over to me where ever I happen to be. Mostly he’ll drop in in my open palm if I ask. I’ll throw it down the hallway and he’ll shoot after it like a bat out of hell. Then he’ll bring it back to do all over again, sometimes for as long as 30 minutes (or until he gets tired).

The same cat loves asparagus, tomatoes, and lettuce. I don’t think those things are good for him so I try to keep him away, but if I’m eating it he wants it.

Aah, the perfect thread for last night’s little incident…

My husband was working on our “impossible” jigsaw puzzle, with an identical picture of a bunch of dalmatians on both sides of the pieces.

I was sitting across from him at the table drinking a big glass of water.

The cat was on top of the fridge.

She jumped down from fridge to table, landed in the box of puzzle pieces, skidded across the table, and knocked my water glass on the floor, where it shattered.

Ya got wet cat flyin’, puzzle pieces flyin’ and broken glass. All the scene really needed was a big plate of spaghetti!

My youngest cat, Cobbius, plays fetch and drags around his beloved rubber glove . He also brings it to bed with us. :rolleyes: He also plays fetch with those little furry mice toys and taught Chester to play fetch too.
The weirdest is my oldest cat who does the funny drawn out meow that makes you think something is wrong with her and it turns out that she’s “killed” a scrap of paper. :stuck_out_tongue:

We found a stray cat last March, and it’s obvious he’s a hunter. He spent a lot of time exploring the house after we took him in, and he found these plastic jacks that our kids have. He started carrying them around in his mouth (one at a time), and brings them to us when he wants to play. We throw it, and he fetches it and brings it back. We figure it’s the hunter instinct, to chase moving objects, and bring them back to us.

We got another cat soon after we got this one, and she doesn’t have a clue what all the fetching is about. However, she occasionally steals socks (prefers black knee socks) and runs madly through the house dragging it around.


My cat Bilbo collects feathers. Every now and then he’ll bring one in and place it next to his food dish. I believe that at the moment there are three crow feathers and two seagull feathers carefully arranged next to the food. He also feels the need to drown new toy mice in the water dish before they’re suitable to be played with.