Weird Coincidence

When I woke up a few minutes ago I had that song stuck in my head from Sharon, Lois and Braum “Skinna marinky dinky dink”. I don’t think I’ve heard anything about them in many years. My phone just buzzed with a news story and it’s about Sharon being owed money from some promoter.

What are the odds?

You’re psychic of course.;). Do you have any thoughts about me?

A tall, dark, handsome stranger will soon come in to your life - it might be a cat, though.

Since you asked, 12,250 to 1.

This belongs in GQ.
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OMG. You really are psychic.:slight_smile: I will be fostering a cat starting next week after she weans her babies and is spayed. She’s a grey tabby.
Any thing about lottery numbers comes up, let me know, asap.

8 6 75 30 9

Thanks, I’ll play 'em. I’ll let you know the outcome.

7.53 B to 1

12 56 7 39 67

I get a cut if you win;)