Weird condom question

As you can imagine, this arises from a drunken conversation.

My impression of good condon practice was that you use a new condom each time you have sex - you do it 6 times in one night you use 6.

My friend says that that is a waste of money, and that he finishes, only goes down to a half bone, and then gets hard again and goes again.
I’m fairly sure that must be unsafe.

What si the dope - have I been financially inefficient?
Also, side-bar, why do none of the condom instructions mention foreskins?
I noticed it there when I was trying to prove him wrong, and now I can’t unnotice it.

Re: Foreskins - what difference would that make to condom useage?

Re: New condom each time - you are supposed to do this. Each time you start a new session should be a new condom.

Unless of course, you just want to save money and recycle condoms by turning them inside out and shaking the fuck outta them.

Foreskins: Surely you would have to pull them back before you used the condom?

But, he was regarding multiple rides as the same session.

By the time I’m readdy to put the condom on, the foreskin is already retracted…it has never occured to me that with our without a collar would make any difference to condom usage.

This quote is a classic!! :slight_smile:


Buy him a new baby card, because he’s going to get someone pregnant. Those things tear, you know!

You have a reservoir tip ful of fluid. The distinction between liquid and gas is that iquids do not compress. The more you push on that tip, the more it will squeeze things back toward the open end (if it doesn’t split). Keep moving the now lubricated ruber back and forth, things could ooze out the open end, especially if the “inflation seal” is not as strong as before.

Sperm oozing around the base is not as risky as the tip, but any risk that is not necessary is risk that is not necessary. He may think he’s being safewhen he’s just being lucky.

I suppose the analogy is that it’s not imperative to change the diaper after the first load, but it’s a good idea, it’s better and it’s cleaner. Maybe he’ll learn that lesson too eventually.

Your friend is either really cheap, or he doesn’t, uhh, produce much volume - probably a combination of both.

Reuse is kind of unthinkable to me. Personally I can’t wait to get that thing off after!

Even if your foreskin doesn’t completely retract by itself when you are erect (mine doesn’t), I think it would be difficult to get a condom on without pushing it back. Regardless, I don’t think there are any functional or safety issues if you put it on while unretracted. With lubricated condoms things will tend to sort themselves out quickly anyway.

It’s $3. If he manages to reuse them each one time, he’s saving $1.50. If there’s anything in the world that’s worth “wasting” $1.50 on, it’s a night of hot (pregnancy free) sex.

The phrase that comes to mind is “Penny wise, Pound foolish.” One day he’ll get burnt, and it’ll cost him 100x what he saved in condoms.

You should withdraw and remove the condom soon after ejaculating, and start with a fresh when your ready. A semen-filled condom will leak at the base when you resume boning, and will easily slip off. It’s not like condoms are that expensive - there’s no way your friend could possibly save more than $10-15 a week by using his rubbers twice, even if he’s boning ~5 times a day, every day. If he’s too poor to afford a fresh condom, he probably shouldn’t be having sex.

Not to mention it’s freaking disgusting.

I’ve gone twice with the same glove before, many years ago when I was a lot younger. Not often, but there where sessions where it happened. It can be done, but things get a lot more slippery and tenuous the second time. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Usually, once the condom is used to satisfaction the first time, it is full of sperm at the tip. Actions that may make it move back and forth and put pressure on the end may eventually work sperm down to the open end. This sperm can then be moved forward by continuing the repeated motion, until it ends up where you don’t want it to go.

Best bet is to replace a condom ASAP once it’s been filled; while being being careful how you touch anything so you don’t transfer sperm to the exterior of the new condom. Two pairs of hands helps…

NOW I understand why they always say that condoms are whatever percentage effective with proper usage - now I know how people are improperly using them. A fresh condom goes on for each round of sexifying - if you want to prevent STDs and pregnancy, you can’t take a chance and re-use a condom.

If you use it several times, and they are with more than one partner, then in addition to all the comments above, you could possibly be exposing your second partner to STDs from the first. You will have protected yourself (assuming it doesn’t tear, etc etc) but you will have exposed you subsequent partners to the very nasties that you’re so careful to protect yourself from. Not nice.

Is your friend a Scottish Sergeant-Major? “The Regiment votes for repair!”

You won’t even be protecting yourself if you re-use condoms.

Your friend is a moron. Tell him the costs of raising a kid for 18 years will faaaaaaaar outweigh the money he’s saving on his condom usage.

Shit, I don’t even use them if the package has wrinkled from my wallet/pocket/etc. And I carry 2 - 4 on me when I hit the bar because I know the first one might fuck up or we might go for a second romp etc etc and even then I’m super careful to hold it as I pull out etc

In short: your friend will be buying baby food one day, wishing he was buying condoms instead.


Whoa! I was grossed out by the idea of reusing 1 condom in the same encounter. I hadn’t even considered an orgy or 3P situation. Reusing a condom is bad enough; pulling out from Person A, then heading right over to Person B with nothing more than a quick wipe and a smile? Dammmmnnnnn.

Or are we talking slide-off, fold-up, re-use later? Like the chewing-gum losing its flavor on the bedpost overnight type thing? :smiley:

Does your friend also keep a latex patching kit around so he can repair holes and tears in the condom?