Weird Dear Accidents

The news just reported a dear having jumped off the overpass onto the interstate. This was in a city. They showed the picture of a prize winning buck laying on the hood of the semi it landed on. The semi’s window and adjacent frame were bent, nobody hurt. The buck had a wide spread and was about a fourteen pointer.

Any realy weird dear accidents happening in you area?

The gun hunt starts tomorrow and the dear are in rut, so their are plenty of accidents right now.

The state of Wisconsin only needs to get rid of about 600,000 to bring us into the high end of a supportable stable population. The DNR said that theoretically in the right units a hunter could legally shoot fifty dear this year.

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Sorry, I thought this thread was about expense, not animals!

Weird dear accident #1: Married him in 1995.

Weird dear accident #2: born in February 1997

Weird dear accident #3: born in October 1999

Oh come on…you had to see something like this coming…

Ok deer!

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When my eldest sister was in eighth or ninth grade she had an accident with a deer. We lived in the country and she was riding her 10 speed bike along the road when a truck passed her on the left. No big deal you say? Well the next thing that happened was a deer jumped over the truck landing on my sister breaking her collar bone. Now for the really sad part. We moved away a year or so later and I did not think that I was going to ever go back there. (I was in third grade when we moved.) Anyway, 5 years later (6-7 years after the incident) I moved back. The people there still talked about the deer breaking my sister’s collarbone. Very sad.

I have hit a deer in my car out there. No big deal. I hate deer, the filthy, gypsyesque, homeless acting, vermin animals. :wink: Also, a deer jumped on my mother’s car severely denting the hood. That was a big feat since she was driving an old station wagon that was made of solid steel. Well, those are the only ones I can think of off hand.


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What a coincidence…I just had a weird deer situation on Saturday…

Hear a lot of dog commotion in our backyard area (the neighbors loose dogs). Later I get up and let our dogs out into our fenced area, and I see something strange about 50 yards away. Looks like a big deer laying in our yard. To make a long story short, it appears to have been hit on the road, ran up into our field and died. The neighbors dogs took this as great news. (I’ll spare you the details). Fortunately, when we actually went up and investigated, the deer was on our neighbors property, so they had to dispose of it. Gross!

We also had a deer jump right through a lady’s picture window last year. The news article said that when the police got there it was “jumping up and down on the bed”. The imagry of that stayed with me for weeks…hilarious!

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I don’t really have a story for you, but I wonder if anyone has heard this (supposed) 911 call: It was from a guy who hit a deer, & put it in is car to take it home for meat. It woke up in his car and kicked the shit out of him. I think he killed it, then a dog attacked him, fighting with him for the meat. He jumped into a phone booth and called 911. It was hilarious. I’ll bet it’s floating around on the internet somewhere.

If you’ve heard this, please post the link.

I’ve seen a deer jump off an overpass. I was driving down the highway and notice that this cement truck was stopping on the overpass I was approaching. Odd, I thought since there is zero traffic out here. Then I see this deer hop up and jump over the edge. Luckily it fell into the median strip. Good thing too. If it had jumped in my lane, I would of hit it, or it would have landed on me!

A coworker at my last job had this story to share: His father was a park ranger in the florida everglades. He was driving through a dark road in the middle of the everglades in his park-ranger pickup truck with a top over the back and those spot lights on top. Well he’s driving around and a deer jumps out in front of the truck and gets hit. He stops to look for the deer. Not on the street, not on the shoulder, not on the side of the road, not behind the truck. Oh well, he thinks, it ran off into the woods to die. He drives home.

The next morning, his wife wakes him up screaming at him, “What the hell is that deer doing on top of your truck!” It seems when he hit it, it flipped over the top of the truck, and got hooked on one of the spotlights.

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We have many, many deer accidents in this part of the country. Last year, a woman was killed when a deer was struck by another car and thrown right through her windshield.

 A couple of years ago, some children were injured when a deer jumped through the back window on one side of their car, then trampled and kicked its way through to the window on the other side and jumped back out.

 Another time, a deer jumped through the front window of the Dollar General Store and ran around for a while before they could get it out.

I’m still laughing at the thought of a deer jumping up and down on a bed. And the guy having to call 911 because the dog was fighting him for it! Gotta love it. Dear, dear!

My wife’s family lives in the country, a few miles south of Luckenbach, for thos who remember the song. My father-in-law used to work QC for dairies; deer totalled out two of his cars in one month. After the second deer suicide, one of his clients took an old subcompact truck that he was using around the farm, welded the ugliest grille anyone could imagine onto the front and sold it to my father-in-law for a song. He gave it to his daughter when her car died and I guess it became the dowry, because I started driving it when we married. So, if you’re driving around Austin and see a more-or-less-blue Ford Courier with what looks like an industrial-weight bed frame on the front, that’s me. It’s too ugly to sell, and yes, every deer runs from it.

I never heard that one, but my mother-in-law once had a buzzard fly into her car. It flapped around inside the car for about a minute until she could get the passenger windown open. It helps the story if you keep in mind what a buzzard smells like.

I have heard the 911 recording. It is definatly real, they used to play it on a radio station I listened to in KC. He calls 911 from a phone booth in panic… he tells the operator that he hit a deer and thought he killed it and put it in his backseat. Hes driving and the deer comes too and starts kicking the shit out of his car and cuts him in the head. He gets out of the car and runs to a phone booth to call 911 and now a DOG is holding him hostage in the booth growling and snarling at him. You would have to HEAR it to know that it was real no body is that good of an actor

Not a deer accident (thank God) but a truly bizarre deer story: a CTA (that’s Chicago Transit Authority) conductor once told me that several years ago (late '70s or early '80s) a deer somehow ended up walking along on the main North-South L line south of Howard Street during rush hour! Mind you, this is a busy four-track elevated through the most urban and densely-populated portion of Chicago – blocks upon blocks of 10- to 20-story apartment buildings along the lakefront. There are parks, of course, but nothing with deer in them.

Anyhow, they figured it must have wandered onto the line from a ground-level portion of the Skokie Swift or the Evanston line (suburban lines that feed into the main L line) and kept going through Howard train yard and the busy Howard terminal onto the main line. That must have been a surreal image to the passengers waiting on the Howard platforms, to have a deer stroll past them! Animal Control had to come out and capture the deer before it either wandered in front of a train or electrocuted itself on the third rail. How it managed to get as far as it did without either or both occuring is a minor miracle.

The file in question is Joe vs the Deer, and has been living happily on my computer for a number of years now. I took the liberty of uploading it to AOHell’s ftp server:

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Anyone who says they don’t like children obviously isn’t cooking them properly.

I delivered pizza to a house once, and forgot a pizza. I never go into stranger’s houses- even now that I don’t do that any more. The next driver goes into the house, delivers the pizza, and a drunk guy (drunk guys always order from dominoes pizza.) says how tough they are etc. because they hunted down this deer- it was lying in the livingroom with beercans and bottles all around it. (Now I don’t have a problem with hunting, but you don’t need to be so tough to hunt an herbivore with a gun) A sober guy walks over and says “Don’t listen to them- they hit it with a car!” The thing I never heard was- what if it was just knocked silly and was not dead? Imagine the chaos of the deer coming to, hearing blaring music, smelling cigarette smoke, and being surrounded by a bunch of drunken white trash! Whooo Whee!

Thank you! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! I think it ended too soon though, as I seem to recall a lot longer conversation about fighting the dog for the deer…
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