Weird Ebay Auctions

Post your weird ebay finds here.

Here’s someone trying to become friends with Michael Jackson.


Win this man’s virginity!

This auction has been around for ages. I always post it to these Ebay threads.

A million dollars worth of crap!

The funny thing about that one is if the guy had the patience to auction all that crap seperately he’d probably get more than a million bucks.

I was thinking the same thing.

I think the funniest thing in the auction is her 1955 Nash Rambler, which was stolen several years ago. So basically, she’s selling the title to an unrecoverable car.


Wonder if it comes with free shipping? :slight_smile:

I used to like this site, but it’s stopped being regularly updated, and all that’s left is the user-submitted (forum-style) auctions–there are still some good ones there, though.

Anyone want to buy nothing?

The Big Ticket section can turn up some interesting stuff.
the town of Platina, CA
an AM radio station
another AM radio station
the town of New Pass, NV and its gold mine
a huge bomb shelter in PA
an entire mountain resort in TN
the entire stock of a vintage book store in VA.

Sadly, someone bought the “huge bomb shelter”.

JDT? Is that you?


:eek: Care to buy me a new cup of coffee?

Here’s a fun site dealing with this subject:Who would buy that?

That is just so pathetic.

Not necessarily. The high bidder has yet to pick up his $3000 school bus. I wouldn’t be surprised if spyder’s rating drops to -2 soon.

I looked over the auction, and I’m very disappointed. There’s no porn!! Why would anyone pay $1,000,000 for a pile of stuff with no porn in it? C’mon!

(Yeah, yeah, I know-there are ‘tasteful nudes’. Gimme a break!)

Just curious, how is it possible to own or sell an entire town? Do you also own the 60 people that live in the town?

They aren’t real people, they’re androids.