weird hospital bed.

ive been in the hospital for iver 24 hours now and every time I find a comfy position the bed inflates with air so youre not comfy anymore. if you keep the position itll keep changing its inflating pattern so you have no choice but to toss and turn. any explanation? all I can think is its for bedsores?

You got it - the motion is to reduce the chances of bedsores.

yep and the rate it does that can be altered. so if you are short time or able to get out of bed some then its function doesn’t need to be frequent. if there isn’t a control on the bed to change it yourself then a nurse can alter it.

fair enough. where do I complain about the distinct lack of sexy spongebaths?

Just ask for more pain killers. All nurses are sexy when you are on heavy medication.

im thinking of starting a scene so theyll give me something tocalm down.

Try to get out of bed when you’re not supposed to. As soon as your legs are over the side of the bed, there’ll be flashing lights, an alarm and people rushing into your room. Then they’ll install a “FALL RISK” band on your wrist. But no drug.

DVT and bedsore prophylaxsis are often ordered routinely, so it’s worth asking if you really need it.