Weird moviewatching habits.

A cherry soda??? Cherry Soda??? Man, is that twisted or what. To me, I have to have a bucket o’ popcorn, extra butter and a ‘large*’ Pepsi. I like my popcorn to be so butter-y that the Pepsi cup threatens to slip outta my fingers.

*large depending on the venue. Sometimes ‘large’ is a small, and I have to ask for ‘Jurassic’ to get the size I want.

My weird habit is that I like to go to the theater with a screeching teething colicky baby and take many cell phone calls while shouting advice to the characters on screen. *

  • I kid, I kid! :stuck_out_tongue:

Um, unless you’re making it at home–or the Music Box still offers real butter–you mean Golden Flavoring, don’t you?

I do that too. Usually I make it, barely- but I don’t really keep score to see if I succeed or don’t.

Yes you are a freak. An understandable freak, but a freak nonetheless :).

I notice people’s shoes. If someone asks me about a recent movie I saw, I will most likley say something about a person’s shoes. Like from Anaconda, one of the guys had blue hightops.
I enjoy to watch horror movies a lot, so when a big scene is coming, I will count down from 3 to when the monster finds them. I’m always right too. Also, one of my friends and I always go see horror flicks, but she is terrified of them so she always has to squeeze my hand during a scary part. I can tell how scared she is by what color my finger tips turned.

Hi, Alvy! :wink:
“No, I can’t go into a movie that’s already started, because I’m anal.”

I mostly observe and watch things in movies that is not the focus of the movie:

I like looking around the set, seeing what products and items the characters have. What their houses look like. I am fascinated by sets that have a ton of books. In “The Shining”, Jack and Wendy’s apartment has a TON of books just stacked everywhere. And did you know that Danny has a goldfish? You can see it in his room in Boulder and for brief moments in their little apartment at The Overlook. But Kubrick is pretty visual, so it’s always a treat. For such a horrible person, Alex sure keeps a neat room in “A Clockwork Orange”. He rapes and beats people, but his mother never has to get after him about his room.

I always like to observe how people are talking on phones, and whether they are talking on it the “right” way (so the mouth is towards the audience). This is because when I first took an Acting class (and my only Acting class in high school), one of the first things she talked about was placement and she used the telephone as an example.

I like to see what the actors are doing with their hands or the placement of their hands. Mostly they’re just twiddling their fingers.

Same here, except for the cherry soda. I’m a pretty passive consumer and it takes a really good movie, book, song, or whatever to make me really take notice of all its details.

I pay attention to how people are dressed in the movies. In particular, I notice how the characters in older films are more formally dressed, even for casual occasions, than people today. For example, James Dean’s character is something of a juvenile delinquent in “Rebel Without A Cause” but as I remember, he was wearing a jacket and tie on the field trip to the observatory.

Oh yeah. And I like to notice how ubiquitous smoking was back in the day. In the 30s and 40s–judging from the movies at least–a nonsmoker was looked in approximately the same way most people would look at a Raw Food PETA head today.

In historical movies (or at least those set more than a little way into the past), I look for details that shouldn’t be there; light switches, plane trails, litter etc.

Hrm…Well, does watching movies you know to be horrible count? I’ve seen way too many crappy movies, not the worst of which was “Frankenhooker” (the box talked. you pressed a button and it said “Wanna date?!”). That, and I started a dubious tradition, once, when some friends of a friend came down and they saw “Ricki-Oh! The Story of Ricki”, arguably the worst kungfu movie ever made. I tried to tell them that it was painful to watch, but they thought i was kidding. Now, they send copies of that movie as Xmas presents to people they don’t like.

That, and I tend to sit through credits, now, because it’s fun to MST the names :slight_smile:

Does that count?

Whenever a movie comes on cable that’s rated “BN” (Brief Nudity) I will always watch it, just to see what scene earned them that rating. More often than not, it will be 2 seconds of some guy mooning the camera…from a great distance.

American TV…gotta love it. :rolleyes:

I always sit through credits to. Partly to look for funny names, and the enquoted nicknames some of the stunt guys get. And partly to look for familiar names–Barbara Harris: ADR; I forget now, but there’s a stuntman who’s name I often see who’s the son of someone famous. And I look to see who the assistant director is: my second best friend in highschool, Kelly Cantley, is an AD. I discovered this quite by accident when I saw her name in the credits of Terminator II. And partly because more and more films nowadays give you a little treat after the credits: outtakes, etc.

But mostly I sit through the credits because they’re there. I figure if these people worked on this movie, and the only acknowledgment they’re getting is this credit role, it’s downright rude to leave without reading them; like walking out during the bows at a play. I feel I owe it to ever last best boy to at least read his name.