Weird MP3 Question..

Okay. This is truly weird, so bear with me.

I have a lot of speeches on tapes. Motivational talks. That sort of thing. Some are over 20 years old, so I got the bright idea to MP3 them all.

After all, a 20 year old tape in a hot car is not a good idea.

So. I Start to MP3 them all. WAV to MP3.

Since they are all speeches, I can digitize at a VERY low rate. I usually pick the lowest or second lowest rate Cool Edit has.

Then, I MP3 them. I play them, and they sound great.

They sound great on my MP3 player (Nike Rio) and MP3 car stereo (Kenwood)

Perfection, right?

So. I get an EGOMAN MP3 CD player.

They sound about 60% too fast.

Now, MP3’s of songs, digitized at “full digitize” sound fine.

But the speeches sound wrong.

Any ideas?

Sounds like it only supports 44.1Khz MP3s.

Thank you Alereon! I had the same problem with an MP3 CD in my DVD player.

To get the best MP3 quality for normal speech and maintain compatibility, use the LAME MP3 encoder in Voice mode, set to 44.1Khz Mono (stereo if needed). I would hope there was a LAME cooledit filter, but if not you can find the LAME command line program on various places about the web.