Weird Newspaper Clippings

See them here.

These. are. so. funny.

A lot of people seem to think so - apparently…

I was able to get to the sixth page before I got that message. Yay for perusing the boards late at night!

Some of them really were hilarious.

Second page!

I got the rejection on page two. Still, page one was worthwhile.

“Volunteers search for old Civil War planes.” <snerk!>

Well, damn! What happens with this sort of thing? Does the site become available again after the bandwidth has settled down? :frowning:

Well, according to the link on the error page:

I can understand the site’s popularity. It’s friggin’ hilarious.

It would be a lot funnier if it didn’t have patronising captions to SPELL OUT WHAT’S FUNNY ABOUT EACH PICTURE for the hard of thinking. :rolleyes:

The ‘civil war planes’ one might be a bit dumb - the image is too small to be able to tell which civil war is being referenced.

They’re back online now. Again, they begin here.

EDIT: D’oh! I spoke too soon. The bandwidth message just popped up again. But at first I did make it to one of the later pages.

Yeah, that’s my beef with Leno’s Headlines segment, too. Come to think of it, he seems to explain a lot of his monologue jokes as well.

Well that sucks. I want to see the funny headlines! I didn’t even get one stinkin’ page and it’s one in the morning!

These are headlines from the Tonight Show. I remember a lot of them.

Absolutely hilarious (I got to page three). Pity about the bandwidth restriction – that’d be a great page link to email to friends.

Since it seems to go down pretty fast when it is up (witness all of the people who were in the middle of reading when it died on them), I think the way to go is to open as many pages as you can in different tabs all at once. That’s what I just did and I got all fourteen pages to load.

If you look closely at some of them, you can see the translucent NBC watermark. And I’m pretty sure the comments under the headlines are what Leno said when he held them up. God knows they’re lame enough.