Weird "random text" blogs?

On Blogger/Blogspot - and possibly on other free blog hosters - there are heaps of really odd, seeminly computer generated blogs. Here’s an example of one:

I figure it is something to do with botting or ads or something, but what exactly?

Some blogs permit visitors to comment on the blog owner’s entries.

And now spam-bots are searching out those blogs and posting ads to them.

I think I know what istara is talking about, and it’s not comment spamming–the actual entries are just weird nonsensical crap.

But in cases like the blog linked from the OP it’s not only comments that are spam - it’s the actual blog that’s spam.

My only idea on this is that there might be an automatically generated link list of blogs on, by way of which an operator of such a spam blog hopes to gain some degree of link popularity/Google pagerank for the sites that the log entries link to.

BTW istara, from where did you come when finding the blog?

It’s interesting that the first entry however, is real. Sorta. He ain’t heavy ho, he weighs a ton. Is that a song or something? I feel like we’re seeing what happens when a person goes from human to Borg (star-trek style.) :stuck_out_tongue:

There have been a few theories as to these popping up blogs, the most common is that the creator is hoping to garner a good google ranking without spamming anyone else’s blog and then after X days or whenever he’ll switch it out for adladen spam crap and garner the benefits from unaware visitors.

But that’s just what some people think, I don’t have a cite.

I do professional search engine optimization. I have no doubt that whoever is doing this has as the intent some sort search engine spamming. However, I’m not quite sure what angle this spammer is trying to use. The reason may be that some spammer out there got some wild idea in his head this strategy will work, when in fact his scam won’t fool the search engines. The spammer in question might just figure he’ll give it a shot, and cross his fingers it works.

I believe that MT & LJ spam counts as pages for Google rankings, but Blogger runs all links through which, AFAIK will give someone exactly one extra link to their Google rankings. Blogger was trying to get a standard “tag” in use that would end the utility of blogspam.

I also encountered something similar to this recently.

I was doing Googlewhacking, an activity in which you do a search on google in which you look for two exact words that only one page has. My two words this time were dogmatically radicchio, radicchio being a type of tiny cabbage-like veggie. :smiley:

Of the pages that came up, one had that exact phrase! So I went there, and it was [url=this porn site. Huh? Where was the dogmatically radicchio? Well there’s all this random gibberish text hidden on it- so wierd and computer-generated, yet poetic and prophetic-

Dogmatically radicchio haughtily and unchangeably marriage bed alligator but
extreme females phase out. Deferentially scenario rigidly and doctrinally fixed cost conceptualistic but
titty max cloture. Attributively eton college trivially and smugly symplocarpus foetidus jealous
but college fuck localize. Stiltedly vasco da gamma communally and inwards

you can find the same thing on other porn sites, seriously, it’s great! Just search for random phrases and you’re bound to find a page like this. One of them I found had it hidden on the page itself, just to be highlighted to be found.

andrew. Don’t link to porn sites.

samclem GQ moderator

Sorry for the delay, I hadn’t checked this for a day.

I found the blog through a referral to my blog, logged on Sitemeter. I have noticed that once in a while I get a a rash of referrals (say a dozen) from other Blogger blogs that I’ve never heard of. When I visit them, there is no reference at all to my blog, and it is kind of strange (though they are usually normal blogs).

This was one of those referrals. Only it wasn’t even a normal blog. I’ve just noticed that the blog has now been deleted, most probably by Blogger authorities?

My main curiosity is just to work out what a blog like this is for? Do spammers put ads on it, then hope the random text will contain enough keywords to get the blog high up in Google, and get visitors there? That’s the only thing I can think of, but I really don’t know, and I don’t even remember seeing ads on it in the first place.

Or maybe it’s some kind of experiment that Google/Blogger are doing, to track spiders/listings/god knows what.

I get these too, and I’m fairly certain it’s from people surfing Blogger using the “next blog” button in the bar at the top of (most) Blogger blogs. I don’t know for sure that this is what’s happening, but it makes the most sense of all the possible explanations, especially since this didn’t start happening to me until after that feature was made standard.

Looks to me like the guy/gal is just running a train of thought. Maybe buzzed a little. Maybe we’re reading into this too much?

no istara, it’s for hits.

see this friend’s list:
With the exception of the exhaustingly prolific weaselking, it’s search engine spammation.