Weird Things that a Tired Mind Will Do: "Spring Time for Hitler" en français

The mention of “The Producers” over in one of the Donald Trump threads reminded me of a weird tired mind episode.

Late night, and Mrs Piper and I are watching “The Producers” on DVD. At some point in the proceedings, I say to her, “why are they speaking French?” She looks puzzled, and then says, “You’re right; they are speaking French.”

Mind you, it was right around “Spring Time for Hitler” and Will Farrell, so at first we thought it was just part of the bizarrity; but it had gone past that point, and still in French.

We eventually worked out that somehow when I’d got up to get something and paused it, I’d switched it from English to French. We think it was running in French for at least 10 minutes before we noticed it.

Change the language of any movie with this ONE WEIRD TRICK!

I once got three paragraphs into an online article before I realized that it was in French, not English.