weirdness with windows 7 repair console fixing the bootloader on a mutidisk system

So over the last few weeks I’ve been messing around with a trippleboot system which naturally keeps trashing the windows bootloader.

The weird thing is it should just be simple job, just re-write the MBR, but it ain’t so. I have three SATA hard drives. One has the operating systems and Two and Three are just for file storage. We’ll use those numbers for names.

It doesn’t matter how I configure the boot order in the BIOS, or plug in the drives to the various SATA connections, windows thinks drive Two is where the boot repair options should happen, even though drive One is configured as the boot drive, and has the boot and system files.

Naturally of course it fails since it’s working on the wrong drive. The only way I can find to make it use drive One is to unplug the other two while I fix it.
Why is it doing this? I’ve thought about converting drive Two to a GUID partition scheme to fix win7’s notions of booting from it, but this seems a little extreme, likewise having to partially dismantle my computer to fix the boot configuration one drive is likewise unacceptable.

What’s going on here?

Not sure what’s going on, but here’s an application that might help you figure it out and fix it:

Easy BCD

Here’s a short video that shows you how to use it:

Get the latest version from here:

Which boot manager are you using? Is the partition on drive 2 a Primary partition or an Extended partition?

If you are using a boot manager that requires its own primary partition, like IBM’s old Boot Manager, then that will count as partition #1 and partition #2 will be the first Primary partition of the second drive.